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March 14, 2015  

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Community Directory is Complete
Please Keep Your Dogs Under Your Control
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Community Directory is complete...
... it's a living document 

A long time coming and a lot of work, but it's done!

The online directory is accessible from the members only section of our website, but as with all things online, it is a living document. That is, corrections can be made at any time. Just contact Sheri Reno with changes.

The directory is not simply a rehash of the very spotty county tax roles, this AOTB-specific contact list is searchable, as current as we could make it, and includes useful details, like current telephone numbers and email addresses.

Designed from the start as a secure and living research tool to help everyone keep in touch with everyone else, it's primarily intended to be accessed and maintained in  the members-only section of our website.

We are aware that several folks have limited access to computer technology and may prefer hard copy booklets. Since the printing and mailing costs involved can be significant for our over 300 families, we wish to conserve your money (and many trees) and only print what is needed. So, if you want your own copy either mailed (if you're living elsewhere) or hand-delivered locally, please let us know by contacting Sheri Reno at or 410-224-5518.

Just remember that the  most recent version will be online.
Please keep your dogs under your control 

Recently, a larger-than-average number of unleashed, and often aggressive, dogs have been seen roaming our neighborhood.  In related activity, there has also been an increasing incidence of unsightly and unhealthful dog waste situations. 

Arundel-on-the-Bay is a community within Anne Arundel County, where specific animal control regulations and "Leash Laws" apply.  Please click here and here for details. Fines of between $50 and $500 are possible.

While walking your dog in AOTB, please have your dog leashed and under your control at all times. Please clean up after your animals (dogs and cats) and use the provided waste stations. If your dog is aggressive, it's your responsibility to prevent problems before they occur by proceeding a different way if you see another dog. We encourage all neighbors to comply and note that a handy County complaint form is available to anyone Click here.

If this sounds just a tad harsh, well, we've tried polite and gentle for the past decade and things just continue to worsen. So no more Mr. Nice Guy; we have kids, and pets, and geezers like me to think about!

David J. Delia
President, POA-AOTB