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July 29, 2014  

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 AOTB Neighborhood Directory
Needs Your Help 

We're almost at the home stretch, but can't complete our task without you. What task? Your neighborhood directory, that's what.


And It promises to be the most accurate and useful version yet, but as we said many times before, it will only be as good as you all make it. We've started with the county tax records and they aren't even close to 100%, maybe 75%, and even that three-quarters is woefully lacking in useful details, like current telephone numbers and email addresses.


We've spent over a year trying to canvas our neighbors via email blasts, PIER articles, printed flyers, and personal house calls, with some important additions, but still, we're not nearly as complete as we'd hoped.


Enough being enough, we're now ready to issue a beta version - that's computer speak for not-quite-bug-free, soft-copy edition. It is posted on our website at this link:


Okay, so what's in it for you to make sure we get this directory as accurate as possible? Well, a few important and several nice-to-have benefits like, when a neighbor hears an alarm going off, or sees a pile of newspapers or mail outside your door, or other indicators of potential problems within, or notices a tree leaning precariously next to your roof or power line, or sees a geyser of water spurting from a ruptured pipe in your yard, and you're not home, they might be able to call you before serious damage or injury occurs.


Or perhaps you're not a full-time resident and never get word about anything happening in our fair city; wonder why? Maybe we don't know how to tell you, or where to send the information. Or how about fulfillment of your civic responsibility like voting? We routinely get about 30 returns from the allegedly current county tax rolls when we mail out copies of the PIER and our yearly POA-AOTB ballots, so somebody's not being heard. Then there's the fun stuff like the parties; sometimes they require last-minute, economical, updates and what's faster or cheaper than an electron?


Security conscious? Okay, we hear you folks too, so please don't worry that your info will get all over the internet planet. We plan to stick our new directory in the seldom-used members only section under password-protected "lock and key." Since everyone who gets our email blasts is a member, the current member id and password is/are: aotbmember / baygroup2010. We have put the ever-changing boat ramp and pier combos there too.


Therefore, we need you to do not one, but two things for us, and ultimately for yourselves.  


First, make sure we have your current name, address (that's AOTB and other contact address for non-resident home owners), phone number(s), and email. If you even remotely think we might not, send them to our intrepid directory maven Sheri Reno at 


Of course, after you actually look at the new directory on our website, and you notice something is wrong or missing, please send that information to Sheri as well. We'll periodically add data so our directory can be a living document.


Second, bug thy neighbor. We all live next to folks, and if each of us simply talked to each of our next-door neighbors and encouraged them to send us their current and complete contact info, we'd get our information and you'd perhaps get to know somebody you've been living alongside a bit better. It could happen! What's more, it needs to happen, so please do your bit, so we can do ours.