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April 9, 2014  

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General Meeting
Saturday, April 19
12:30 - 2:30 p.m., Annapolis Neck/Hillsmere Library

Although most of you received this information in the last issue of the PIER, the reminder and updates included bear repeating.


Please come to our next General Membership Meeting (GMM) to be held at the Hillsmere Branch of the library on April 19 from 12:30-2:30 p.m. We've got two important issues to discuss.


FIRST, as perhaps a few folks have noticed, we've been very actively engaged in making our public safety services, including Anne Arundel County Fire and Police Departments (AAFD and AAPD), aware of our Tiny Town and its small, but important security issues.  


We've already completed a series of fire safety projects, including our drafting sites, and had our former Fire Chief, Bob Ray, down to address us. More recently, we've had personal discussions last summer with AAPD's Capt. Michelle Simpson, our Southern District Commander, and Chief Kevin Davis addressed us at a recent GMM on November 23. 


On both occasions, we spoke on a macro or big-picture level. We saw real results of our discussions with both of these dedicated officers in the form of stepped-up patrolling by AAPD during a period of increased home and vehicular break-ins, as well as increased monitoring and remediation of our ever-present speeding problems. Sure, some folks got speeding tickets, many of them AOTB residents, but well, they were after all speeding and thus placing ourselves and our families in jeopardy, right? 


Now we're getting down "into the weeds" and we've scheduled Lt. George Halpin, our community liaison officer, to speak with us on April 19 about stuff he's done and is doing for us and about other things you'd like to see done. So please come armed with discussion points and questions about security issues that matters to you.


Lt. Halpin also informed us recently of a Southern District Open House to be held on April 26 at 35 Stepneys Lane in Edgewater, from 10 a.m. 'till 1 p.m. with station tours; free crime prevention information, fingerprinting; and safety kits; K-9 demonstrations; and other activities for the whole family. Looks like informative fun!


SECOND, our new Treasurer, Becky Morris--a veteran with over a decade's service as our chief financial officer--in close consultation with, and having the approval of, our accounting and auditing firm, has recommended that we revert to single-signature check signing for legitimate community expenses, while maintaining a written record of approval by either our President or Vice President.  


To accomplish this goal we will be presenting, for community approval, the Officers' and Board's recommendation that our temporary resolution be made permanent that Article 10, Section 4, subsection e of our constitution be amended to read:


"The Treasurer shall release funds, either by conventional check or electronic bill paying, under her or his signature, upon receipt of a bill or voucher, with all expenditures periodically reviewed and approved by the President or Vice President."


Our rationale for this constitutional amendment is two-fold:  


First, that the current policy of having two busy persons sign every check has resulted in frequent payment delays and subsequent duplicate billings.  


Second, that since we will eventually be moving toward electronic bill paying services, this new policy will support such a move as well as provide adequate oversight.  


We hope you'll agree that an activist board with an activist Treasurer needs a more streamlined method of getting stuff done for everyone while maintaining prudent accountability as advised by our professional auditors.


See you on the 19th!