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April 21, 2013 

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County Dumpsters Coming in June
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Fire Drafting Sites Completed
Spring Cleaning in Arundel on the Bay
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County Dumpsters Coming June 5-7
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Fire Drafting Sites Completed
Now it's your turn to help out
As you may have noticed, the five new fire department pumper truck drafting sites along all sides of the southern end of our peninsula have finally been completed. These complement the three sites we already have at our northern end.

After over three years of bureaucratic delay, a lot of different neighbors' efforts, and significant monetary costs, your POA has taken a very positive step to help ensure your continued safety. By providing firm locations where the big pumper trucks can get close enough to the Bay to suck up water in case of an Oyster Harbor-type conflagration, we've already gained the respect of County fire officials for our forward-leaning approach to our own safety. Now it YOUR turn to help out!

The fire department is negotiating with the County to erect "No Parking" signs, which we hope will be enough to keep people from parking on the new pads and thus endangering us all. If common sense and the signs aren't enough, we may be forced to explore more expensive and perhaps less attractive options. 

Starting now, for the first 30 days, our security officer--Dep. Sheriff Mike Harris--will issue warnings, and, after that, parking tickets. If illegal parking persists, we will have no option but to enforce towing and all the inconvenience to everyone that would entail.

To minimize visual impact and maintain a more natural environment (it's a waterfront community after all), we would prefer not to be forced into erecting pole-and-chain-type barriers around the sites.  We plan to start small and reasonable and only escalate these measures as a last resort, so please understand and keep off the pads--they could save your life!  
 Let's Clean-Up Our Neighborhood this Spring!
Dumpsters Coming in June

On January 26, 100% of the 42 homeowners attending our General Meeting agreed we should all take responsibility for our yards, and urge our neighbors to remedy existing zoning violations. Take a look at the Anne Arundel County Zoning Enforcement website which says the following:

What is a zoning violation?

Parking vehicles, including boats and trailers, which do not display current tags and/or are inoperable, on a lot

Parking oversized vehicles in a residential district

Storing solid waste or junk -- including tires, old wood, auto parts, old appliances -- on a property

Keep in mind that the removal of unsightly junk will benefit all of us by increasing property values and enhancing our standard of living. Certainly it is better to police ourselves than to be subject to a County zoning enforcement action.
Enforcement is to commence after June 7 when the County dumpster, which arrives on June 5, will be removed.