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November 21, 2012 

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please respond to our information requests
Over the course of the past year, your officers and board members have been working to update our neighborhood directory. 
We have three main parts we're trying to accomplish:

First, there's the listing of homeowners (and we'll list renter/residents if renters respond) taken pretty much from the County tax rolls. Alison Buckler is trying to merge real estate records, and other info, with the tax rolls to hopefully get a more complete picture of who's living here and how to contact them.  

This directory is for community use and your information will not be shared with anyone outside the neighborhood, so we're asking for e-mail addresses and phone numbers. Not having this contact information hampers us from, for example, advising a homeowner about a tree that's taken up residence in their living room while they were vacationing! 

We'll also be making the website directory searchable via Google just like our entire website. We would all very much appreciate it if you could quickly and accurately respond to the flyer we jammed in your mail boxes recently and include the information requested. 

You can either respond via the USPS to the AOTB address, POA-AOTB, PO Box 4665, Annapolis, MD 21403, e-mail to, or hand deliver to Alison at 3527 Rockway.


The second part is an update of our Constitution and by-laws being undertaken by Mike Lord. We're hoping to capture all the changes that have been adopted since the 2009 directory. 


And lastly, Katie Jereza is trying to update our town plan, aka map, although this may take more time and most likely not make it into the hard copy directory. If we're successful, everyone will have a better (and graphic) idea of who's responsible for what streets (AOTB or Anne Arundel County), where our common areas are, and given the various rights-of-way (between 25 and 40 feet from the center of our too-narrow byways), why we can't ever allow street parking. 


So that's it, if we all put good info in we can all--quickly and easily--draw useful info out, and that may make for a safer and better-connected AOTB!


We would also appreciate your inputs to the POA-AOTB 2014 budget request mentioned at Saturday's general membership meeting in order that the budget data can be included in the PIER and the deadline can be met for 14 December.