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October 25, 2012 

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The Pier
Join your neighbors for lunch!

Your AOTB neighborhood association is hosting another community fundraiser, this time at a local restaurant, as an additional way to foster neighborly interaction. 

We encourage all community members (and guests) to join us and enjoy a very satisfying luncheon at the Asian Buffet, 2019 West Street, on Saturday, November 17, from 1 to 3 p.m., after the General meeting (see more below). 

Our careful and tasty research shows that the restaurant will charge (not including tax and tip) everyone over 11 years of age $7.49 each for lunch (children 7-10 are $6.29; and those 3-6 are $4.29). This is a very reasonable price for what we have often experienced as good-quality Asian buffet cuisine, served in a very pleasant atmosphere. The restaurant management also informs us that there will be no charge for beer and wine brought in by patrons to enjoy during lunch.

As a fundraiser, we plan to charge $15 per person ages 11 and up; ages 7-10 at $8.00; and ages 3-6 $6.00, netting AotB approximately $3.00 per adult. The restaurant requires three days notice for this function and will most likely provide a separate room if our group is large enough; if 30 people attend, we'll also get an additional 10% discount for the community. We plan to collect the fees upon arrival at the restaurant.

Please respond to Margaret Delia ( with the makeup of your luncheon party, so we can plan accordingly. Please remember, our real goal is to help neighbors meet neighbors and strengthen neighborhood cooperation; if we can make a small sum to continue these activities, so much the better.
Fire Chief to Speak at General Meeting

Saturday, November 17
10 a.m.
Eastport-Annapolis Neck Branch Library, 269 Hillsmere Drive

In addition to our usual bunch of exciting neighborhood issues, and of course, donuts, we've invited Anne Arundel County Fire Chief Bob Ray to meet with us and discuss issues of common concern.
Please take this opportunity to meet one of our county's most important people -- the guy whose department literally has your family's lives as their most immediate responsibility. In addition to whatever remarks he thinks appropriate, the following are topics we hope Chief Ray might be able to address, so plan to be there!

Traffic control problems: In addition to our very limited geographic access issue, how might we better encourage folks to avoid hampering the transit of emergency vehicles by parking on our too-narrow streets? Besides the obvious police ticketing option, which may not be too neighborly, might the AAFD send out circulars specifically addressing this issue through encouraging enlightened self-interest?

Now that we have some history with our new fire station, how do the number of calls compare to other county stations; i.e., how busy are they?

With AOTB's costly and painful experience still unresolved, how might AAFD ease the drafting site construction process for other coastal communities who may be considering taking such steps to enhance their own safety?
Homestead Credit

Please take a moment and go on the SDAT website to the assessment data for your home and make sure you have gotten your application in for the Homestead Credit if your home is your principal residence.


According to the State of Maryland 40% of the people who currently get the credit haven't applied yet.


You can find the application on line at: