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Most kids in the United States don't eat enough fruits and vegetables, and unfortunately they're also eating too much sugar, salt, and fat. Children in low-income communities have even less access to healthy food. To help improve the health of our nation's most vulnerable kids, Canyon Ranch Institute is partnering with Canyon Ranch to strengthen innovative collaborations improving the nutrition of children in communities nationwide.
Through a competitive application process, we selected four teams for the 2016 Canyon Ranch Institute Healthy World Scholarship. The teams - made up of 15 dedicated experts from such diverse fields as health care, food service, education, and non-profits - live and work in four communities. Read about the teams and the excitement the scholarship is generating in Chinle, AZ; Greenville, SC; Savannah, GA; and Wilkes County, NC.

We're looking forward to meeting the teams and helping enhance the work they're doing to help kids grow up healthier and happier. Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates about the teams!

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Jennifer Cabe
Executive Director and Board Member

P.S. In 2017, the CRI Healthy World Scholarship will focus on improving children's fitness. Watch our website and future CRI updates for the call for applications.
Ted Vickey 
CRI Team Members
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  • Ted Vickey gave a TEDx talk in San Diego, CA, explaining how CRI is using disruptive health technologies to help people in low-income communities live healthier lives. Watch the video. 

  • Richard Carmona spoke at the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs' Brain Trust: Pathways to InnoVAtion summit in Washington, D.C. Read more.

  • Andrew Pleasant, Chuck Palm, and Ana Lucero-Liu presented about CRI's health literacy research and practices at the 2016 Institute for Healthcare Advancement conference. Read more.

  • Andrew Pleasant presented or participated in eight sessions about CRI efforts to improve health in low-income communities and the best practices of health literacy and integrative health at the 22nd International Union of Health Promotion and Education World Conference on Health Promotion in Curitiba, Brazil. Read more.

Richard Carmona
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