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Thanks to all our volunteers!
Dear Friend of Canyon Ranch Institute,

CRI's volunteers change lives, and their commitment is truly inspiring. In 2015, 184 volunteers served communities through CRI's programs.

"The ongoing sustainability of these programs depends on our volunteers," said Canyon Ranch Institute founder and board member Mel Zuckerman, speaking at our 2015 Volunteer Appreciation and Recognition Event. "With our volunteers' help, we are teaching people how to empower themselves and take charge of their well-being."

Reginald Franklin, recipient of this year's Enid & Mel Zuckerman Volunteer of the Year Award, has invested hundreds of hours giving back to the CRI Life Enhancement Program, which he says saved his life. Read more about Reggie's service and enthusiasm here. 

Our gratitude goes out to Reggie and to every CRI volunteer. We couldn't do it without you! Thank you.  

In Good Health,
Jennifer Cabe
Executive Director and Board Member

P.S. CRI is launching an Advisory Group on Foundation, Corporate, and Public Funding to provide expert advice to our team. Can you help? Click here to read about this and other volunteer opportunities with CRI. 
Activities and Events

Kelly Shannon
CRI team members shared their expertise.
  • Kelly Shannon presented nutrition-focused results from the CRI Healthy Community program at the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Food & Nutrition Conference & Expo in Nashville. Read more.
  • Richard Carmona called for health equity at a Martin Luther King symposium at the University of Pennsylvania. Read more.
  • Andrew Pleasant and Chuck Palm offered five CRI presentations at the American Public Health Association Annual Meeting to show how CRI partnerships and programs are improving people's lives in low-income communities. Read more.
  • Richard Carmona participated in a discussion about disease prevention with fellow physicians Dean Ornish and David Katz at the Lake Nona Institute Impact Forum in Orlando, FL. Read more.
Ted Vickey
In the News

CRI is making news!
  • Joy and laughter add a powerful element to the CRI Life Enhancement Program. Read the article in Canyon Ranch Connection.
  • CRI partnerships and programs are used as real-world examples in an Institute of Medicine workshop summary from the Global Forum on Innovation in Health Professional Education. Read about it.
  • Andrew Pleasant, Jennifer Cabe, and Richard Carmona co-authored the introductory chapter of Health Disparities in Respiratory Medicine. Read about it. 
  • Do as I Tweet, Not as I Do. Read the article co-authored byTed Vickey.
  • Mike Shannon will receive the Horatio Alger Award. Read more.
  • Ted Vickey gave the opening address in the Institute of Medicine's Health Literacy and Consumer-Facing Technology: Workshop Summary. Read about it. 
Upcoming Events

CRI team members will be at the following events. Will you? Let us know!   
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