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Community is a source of support and love. For some people, community is a network of neighbors and friends. For others, community is based on shared values. Whatever your community, there is power and possibility.


I'm pleased to share with you that Canyon Ranch Institute launched the CRI Healthy Community program at Apollo Middle School in south Tucson in partnership with Grow 2B Fit. CRI Healthy Community brings the integrative health model to low-income communities to improve prevention and help people embrace a life of wellness. 

As always, please feel free to contact me to share what inspires you in your community or to learn more about how CRI and our partners are helping to educate, inspire, and empower every person to prevent disease and embrace a life of wellness. 

In Good Health,  

 Jennifer Cabe   

Jennifer Cabe, M.A.

Executive Director and Board Member 


educate. inspire. empower.
Urban Health Plan Honors CRI Founders
October 23, 2014 - Bronx, NY
CRI Executive Director Jennifer Cabe accepts the award on behalf of Mel and Enid Zuckerman.
CRI partner Urban Health Plan (UHP) hosted the Crimson Ball to celebrate its 40th anniversary and the 85th birthday of UHP 
Founder Richard Izquierdo, M.D. Members of the CRI team attended the event and joined UHP in honoring CRI Founders and Board Members Mel and Enid Zuckerman with UHP's prestigious Humanitarian Award for their commitment to empowering all people to embrace a life of wellness. Read more
UHP Founder Richard Izquierdo, M.D.


CRI's Andrew Pleasant Receives Award at Health Literacy Summit
October 23, 2014 - Kansas City, MO 
CRI Senior Director for Health Literacy and Research Andrew Pleasant, Ph.D., was honored with the Cecilia and Leonard Doak Health Literacy Champion Award at the 5th Annual Health Literacy Missouri Summit and Tribute Awards dinner. The award recognizes individuals and organizations who make outstanding contributions in health literacy, bridging the gap between the skills of people and the demands of the health care system. Read more

CRI Presentations Featured in Institute of Medicine Workshop Summary
October 2014

The Institute of Medicine (IOM) Roundtable on Health Literacy published a summary of the November 2013 workshop. CRI's Andrew Pleasant presented the IOM-commissioned paper A Prescription Is Not Enough: Improving Public Health with Health Literacy, and CRI's Jennifer Cabe, M.A., presented on how health literacy can improve chronic disease prevention. Read more

IOM Publishes "A Health Literacy Fable for Tomorrow"
October 15, 2014
The Institute of Medicine (IOM) published 
A Health Literacy Fable for Tomorrow: Help the World Be Healthy with Health Literacy, the story of a fictional town that faces health, economic, and social challenges due to a lack of health literacy, authored by CRI's Andrew Pleasant. Read more  


CRI Discusses Health Fitness Technology at the IDEA World Fitness Convention

August 14, 2014 - Anaheim, CA


CRI Senior Advisor for Disruptive Health Technologies Ted Vickey, M.S., presented "How Technology Is Changing the Future of Fitness" at the IDEA World Fitness Convention. Ted discussed the use of mobile apps, websites, wearables, and online technologies to give people insights into their own fitness levels and overall health. Read more

Regional Health Literacy Coalition Meeting Focuses on Technology in Health Care

October 3, 2014 - Pittsburgh, PA


At the Regional Health Literacy Coalition meeting, which focused on technology in health and health care, CRI's Andrew Pleasant gave the keynote presentation about the vast potential to improve health and well-being by using disruptive and transformative technologies.

Read more 


CRI volunteer Robert Boyd helps students at Apollo Middle School in Tucson, AZ, learn about healthy cooking. 
Are you interested in 
helping CRI and our partners share the health and wellness 
best practices of Canyon Ranch in low-income communities?  We are currently seeking volunteers in Savannah, GA, and Tucson, AZ. 
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In the Spotlight
Planting a Healthy Future in Savannah

Volunteers tend the CRI Healthy Garden in Savannah, GA.
The CRI Healthy Garden at historic Trustees' Garden is thriving, bringing open space and cooperative gardening to Savannah, GA. More than 60 community members helped build and are maintaining raised garden beds full of nutritious vegetables and flavorful herbs. With support from Savannah civic leaders Charles H. and Rosalie Morris, the garden will expand to include contemplative space for relaxation and meditation.
  • Watch the video.
  • Read about the volunteer celebration in Savannah.
  • Learn more about the CRI Healthy Garden in Canyon Ranch Connection.
Take politics out of selecting surgeon general
USA Today - November 9, 2014
Dr. Richard Carmona

CRI President and 17th U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS,
 discusses the importance of nominating career uniformed service officers for U.S. Surgeon General to ensure the American
public has a credible and qualified leader to protect, promote, and advance the health, safety, and security of our nation. Read more

TMC partners with Canyon Ranch Institute to execute "secret shopper" Ebola drill
TMC News - November 4, 2014

CRI Life Enhancement Program Manager Chuck Palm, M.P.H., participated in an Ebola preparedness exercise with CRI partner Tucson Medical Center (TMC) to ensure the TMC team is equipped to respond to public health and safety threats. Read more

Federal Response to Ebola in the U.S.
C-SPAN Washington Journal - October 19, 2014 

CRI President and 17th U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona discusses the health response to Ebola infection and explores the role that a confirmed U.S. Surgeon General would play in responding to this and other public health issues. Watch the episode

Happy 35th Anniversary Canyon Ranch! Healthy Living Tips from its founder Mel Zuckerman  

Parade - October 7, 2014


In honor of Canyon Ranch's 35th anniversary, CRI Founder and Board Member Mel Zuckerman shares his personal wellness journey, including why he and his wife Enid founded Canyon Ranch Institute. Read more 

Using brain power to fight effects of aging
Chicago Tribune - September 18, 2014


CRI President and 17th U.S. Surgeon General Richard H. Carmona discusses how building a better brain - with regular exercise, good nutrition, sleep, and mindfulness - is the key to optimal health and wellness. Read the Q&A

Connect Savannah Publishes Weekly Wellness News from CRI 




The Canyon Ranch Institute Savannah Partnership (CRISP) offers weekly articles in Connect Savannah that address a variety of health topics, including integrative medicine, physical activity, nutrition, stress management, and sense of purpose. Read more


Upcoming Events
Movement is Life - National Caucus on Athritis & Musculoskeletal Health Disparities
November 13, 2014
Washington, D.C.

CRI President Richard H. Carmona will present the keynote "A Surgeon General's Dilemma: Obesity Everywhere."

American Public Health Association Annual Meeting
November 15 - 19, 2014
New Orleans, LA

CRI Program and Evaluation Coordinator Russ Newberg, M.P.A., CRI Life Enhancement Program Manager Chuck Palm, and CRI Senior Director for Health Literacy and Research Andrew Pleasant will present about the CRI Life Enhancement Program, the CRI Healthy Garden program, and other CRI activities. CRI partner Berkshire Health Systems (BHS) will be recognized for their video about the BHS-CRI Life Enhancement Program.