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I'm thrilled that Canyon Ranch Institute has partnered with Connect Savannah and Charles H. and Rosalie Morris to help improve the health of Savannah, Georgia. Our first Savannah program is starting this week - the CRI Life Enhancement Program with Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care, a federally qualified health center that has taken care of low-income people in Savannah for almost 40 years.

When Enid and I started Canyon Ranch in 1979, we dreamt that we could share healthy living with every person, everywhere. I'm very proud that our non-profit Canyon Ranch Institute is helping make that dream come true in diverse communities. Our new partnership in Savannah means so much to me because Charles and Rosalie have been our friends and guests at Canyon Ranch for about 25 years. Their excitement about the positive difference that Canyon Ranch has made in their lives is a great joy to Enid and me. Charles and Rosalie are supporting our innovative Canyon Ranch Institute to offer Savannah what the Institute is sharing with many other communities - the opportunity to advance health literacy and improve health and well-being using the integrative health approach.

Canyon Ranch Institute and especially the Institute's President and 17th U.S. Surgeon General Dr. Richard Carmona recognize the love and respect that Charles and Rosalie have for Savannah. Because of the high rates of chronic disease and significant health disparities plaguing Savannah, the Morrises have asked us to take wellness to a new level in Savannah. Together, we will offer the CRI Life Enhancement Program, the Canyon Ranch Institute Theater for Health program, and a brand-new community food garden and demo kitchen at Trustees' Garden - where the CRI Life Enhancement Program will be offered.


In 2002, Enid and I co-founded the non-profit Canyon Ranch Institute with the idea that many people in low-income areas really need Canyon Ranch principles and programs. We're so grateful to dedicated and generous people like Charles and Rosalie who join us to help their communities experience optimal health and wellness. Thank you Friends!

 In Good Health,     
  Mel Zuckerman

  Founder and Board Member, Canyon Ranch Institute

  Founder, Canyon Ranch




"We need health services that address the whole person - mind, body, and spirit - for all people, regardless of their situation. The CRI Life Enhancement Program in Savannah can have a lasting impact because it emphasizes all aspects of a healthy life, not just physical ailments."
C. MeGill Brown, Ph.D.

Pastor, Second African Baptist Church; Board Chairman, Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care; CRI Life Enhancement Program Core Team Member, Sense of Purpose
"As part of the 'stroke belt' of the United States, there is a tremendous need to address chronic disease in Savannah, especially among the medically underserved. The Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program has achieved impressive results in other areas of the nation, and I know we can do even better in Savannah." 

Albert B. Grandy, Jr., CPA

CEO and CFO, Curtis V. Cooper Primary Health Care; CRI Life Enhancement Program Core Team Co-Champion 


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Richard H. Carmona (right), Rosalie and Charles H. Morris (next to Richard), and Savannah Mayor Edna B. Jackson (left) join the CRI Life Enhancement in Savannah Core Team at the Wellness Luncheon for community members. Photo Credit: Jim Byous Photography.

"My wife Rosalie and I want to help make Savannah even better. Rosalie and I have experienced the life-changing impact of healthy lifestyles, and we want our community to have the same opportunities."
Charles H. Morris
CEO and President, Morris Multimedia 

Photo Credit: Jim Byous Photography

Kim Floyd, M.Ed., R.D., L.D. (left), and Joy Cornthwaite , M.S., R.D., L.D., CDE (right), CRI Life Enhancement Program Nutritionists, prepare a healthy recipe for guests at the Wellness Luncheon. Photo Credit: John Alexander Photography

Charles H. Morris (left) and Richard H. Carmona 
(center) join Wellness Luncheon  participants in a fitness demonstration similar to the physical activity that CRI Life Enhancement Program participants will experience. Photo Credit: John Alexander Photography 


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"Chronic diseases are the most costly health problems facing our nation today. The good news is that most chronic disease can be prevented. We are honored that Savannah has welcomed Canyon Ranch Institute's evidence-based approaches."
Richard H. Carmona, M.D., M.P.H., FACS
President, Canyon Ranch Institute 
17th Surgeon General of the United States

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