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I'm very grateful for every person who supports Canyon Ranch Institute in helping others live healthier, happier, and more productive lives. For CRI Volunteer and Donor Sandra Heywood, Ph.D., health is more than an abstract idea - it's a way to live. Sandy practices what she preaches by volunteering with CRI. Since 2011, she has helped low-income people in her community make lasting connections to healthy living. 


I hope that you will join Sandy in supporting CRI. Your tax-deductible contribution will help Canyon Ranch Institute continue to advance health literacy, improve prevention, and eliminate health disparities one person at a time. To learn more, such as how to volunteer like Sandy or how to start a CRI program in your community, please visit our website at or contact me.  
Jennifer Cabe, M.A.

In Good Health,

Jennifer Cabe, M.A.

Executive Director and Board Member 


Dr. Sandy Heywood has experienced firsthand the power and possibility of a healthy world. In 1991, Sandy was injured in a bicycle accident that left her on crutches for five years. She credits her recovery to her participation in a Canyon Ranch wellness program that was made possible through a scholarship. Sandy wanted to give back!

"When I first heard about the Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program coming to our community, I raised my hand right away and offered to help. Sometimes you just know in your heart when and how you can make a difference." 
- Sandy Heywood, Canyon Ranch Institute Volunteer and Donor

CRI Volunteer Sandy Heywood and CRI and Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman share a commitment to empowering all people to embrace a life of wellness.

After speaking with CRI and Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman, Sandy was introduced to the Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program (CRI LEP). The CRI LEP is one of the Canyon Ranch Institute programs that shares the best practices of Canyon Ranch with low-income and medically underserved communities. The CRI LEP is an evidence-based program with strong outcomes data that indicate it's helping educate, inspire, and empower people to prevent disease and embrace a life of wellness. At the two CRI LEP sites in Tucson, Sandy offers CRI LEP graduates the opportunity to participate in follow-up discussions to help maintain their wellness goals. Sandy's passion, energy, and commitment are making a difference, and CRI honors and cherishes her dedication. 

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