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Dear Friend of Canyon Ranch Institute, 
When Mel and Enid Zuckerman founded Canyon Ranch in 1979, they also committed themselves to ensuring that all people could somehow benefit from the Ranch's health and wellness expertise. Their philanthropy took many forms. In the Tucson community, through the Zuckerman Family Foundation, they've supported numerous wellness initiatives, such as bringing the CRI Life Enhancement Program to the people of south Tucson.
     Now, through a partnership between the non-profit Canyon Ranch Institute (CRI) and Tucson Medical Center (TMC), even more low-income Tucson residents have the opportunity to experience the CRI Life Enhancement Program. The program is free to all participants as part of Tucson Medical Center's commitment to benefiting the community.
     I'm thrilled to collaborate in this partnership with my friend and colleague Judy Rich, R.N., president and CEO of Tucson Medical Center. Judy knows, as I do, the importance of America's best hospitals implementing evidence-based programs to advance health literacy, promote wellness, and prevent disease. By being in the health business - not just the hospital business - TMC is helping transform our nation's current "sick care" system into a true health care system.
In Good Health,

President, CRI Board of Directors 
17th Surgeon General of the United States 
Distinguished Professor, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health, University of Arizona 
Distinguished Professor of Health Promotion and Entrepreneurship, Ohio State University College of Nursing 
Canyon Ranch Institute and Canyon Ranch Founder Mel Zuckerman (center, seated), Tucson Medical Center President and CEO Judy Rich, R.N. (seated to Mel's left), and the CRI LEP with TMC Core Team. 

"Today, it's clear that health care goes far beyond hospital walls, a doctor's office, or some other clinic. As health care providers, we must engage our patients inside and outside the hospital walls in a different way to take personal accountability for their health outcomes. The Canyon Ranch Institute Life Enhancement Program is one way we will do this."

Judy Rich, R.N.
President and CEO
Tucson Medical Center

Arizona Daily Star
 "Tucson Medical Center Joins Wellness -- Not Sickness -- Business"

(Pima County Medical Society)
 "Leveling the healthcare playing field"

Overview of CRI LEP with Tucson Medical Center


The CRI Life Enhancement Program (CRI LEP) is an evidence-based, multi-disciplinary integrative health program that helps participants prevent chronic diseases and make an enduring personal connection to a life of wellness. The program consists of 12 three-hour facilitated sessions based on seven core elements: nutrition, physical activity, behavior change, sense of purpose, integrative health, stress management, and social support. The CRI LEP follows a strict evaluation protocol with participant data collection occurring both before and after the program.    


TMC Behavioral Health Specialist L'Don Sawyer speaks with each CRI LEP with TMC participant to help set individual goals. One-on-One consultations are also scheduled with an integrative medicine expert, an exercise professional, a nutritionist, a spirituality professional, and a pharmacist.


Simply moving your body can help improve health. In the CRI LEP with TMC, an exercise professional works with each participant to determine how much exercise each person needs, how often, and to what level of exertion.





Having a sense of purpose is an important part of being healthy. CRI LEP with TMC participants explore this area by using tools such as the labyrinth located on the Tucson Medical Center campus.








CRI LEP with Tucson Medical Center  


Tucson Medical Center