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Collective Giving Paradigms, Peter Frumkin speaks
Final Report from grantee NSNP
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Monday, February 11
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Monday, June 3, 2013

Impact100 is searching for an intern to produce video content this spring. Stipend available. Please check out the full description here and share with anyone who may be interested.
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Dear Members and Friends,


The 2013 grant cycle is now fully under way, with a robust number of Letters of Inquiry (LOIs) received earlier this month. Volunteers are currently reading the LOIs independently, and will meet during the last week of January to decide which organizations to invite to submit full proposals in Impact100's five focus areas.


We are pleased to share that Impact100 has implemented an online application and review system for the 2013 grant cycle. Area nonprofits submit Letters of Inquiry and Full Proposal applications using a web-based application, and Impact100 members who volunteer as LOI readers and Focus Area Committee members will access and review the applications online. This is a significant advancement in our application and review process and we look forward to introducing FAC volunteers to this new system at the Proposal Review Workshop on Monday, February 11. Members will receive an invitation to the workshop today.


As Grants Co-Chairs, we oversee all aspects of the grant process, which will culminate at our Annual Meeting on  

June 3, when Impact100 members will hear from our five Focus Area finalists and award $284,000 in grants! We rely heavily on the Focus Area Committee leadership (pictured below) to implement and manage the proposal review process. If you have volunteered to participate in proposal review, you will receive confirmation of your Focus Area Committee assignment on Monday, February 4. Thank you, in advance, for your commitment to this important aspect of our collective grant-making!


Along with Impact's board and the FAC leadership team, we anticipate a very exciting spring, learning about and witnessing the inspiring work being done by so many nonprofits in our region.




Judith Harkins and Carrie Brodsky, Grants Co-Chairs  

Arts & Culture: Sue Troxell & Emily Biscardi
Amy Holdsman & Claudie Williams
Environment: Karen Shapiro & Ellen Keefe
Family: Madge Rothenberg & Eve Prensky-Roe
Health & Wellness:
Mary Grace Tighe & Karyn Scher

Financial Review Panel
: Karen Batchelder
Grants Co-Chairs: Judith Harkins and Carrie Brodsky 
 Thank you to our 2013 Grant Leadership Team! 
Dr. Peter Frumkin speaks at Winter Education Event:
Seven Paradigms of Collective Giving

Maddie the miniature schnauzer, the Japanese martial art of aikido and American Girl Dolls - all are topics Peter Frumkin wove into his entertaining and thought-provoking talk at Impact100's Winter Education Event, hosted by Morgan Lewis & Bockius on Tuesday, January 15. Frumkin, the newly appointed Faculty Director for the Center of High Impact Philanthropy at the University of Pennsylvania, spoke on collective giving and encouraged Impact100 members to reflect on both our values (as a group) and our value (in the community).Frumkincrowd


Frumkin started the presentation by highlighting the difference between giving to  fulfill private values versus addressing a public need, sharing that, in his view, the most powerful philanthropy is a combination of the two. Recognizing that in a group it can be difficult to clarify values, he encouraged members to "confront the values" rather than focusing solely on our grant-making process.


After outlining our "competition" in the marketplace (community foundations, federated funders such as the United Way, charitable gift funds, private foundations and direct giving), Frumkin laid out his seven paradigms, asking members to consider the value of Impact100 and other collective giving organizations. He suggested seven possible answers:

  1. Achieving greater impact - Members give a relatively small donation but participate in making a significant social impact in the community.
  2. Practicing the craft of grant-making - Members have opportunities for education around proposal review, non-profit financials, site visits and evaluation. Members also learn how to say "no."
  3. Learning the issues - Members have the opportunity for an in-depth policy education from our grantees, experts in their fields with creative answers to social problems.
  4. Building social capital - Members have the chance to bond with other women in the organization.
  5. Catalyzing individual giving - Impact100 encourages philanthropy; as members become more sophisticated philanthropists they often give more money to more organizations.
  6. Sharing skills through engagement - Impact100 allows members to see philanthropy as more than just a money transfer and encourages members to share talents by volunteering or offering other expertise to grantees.
  7. Focusing community attention - Many Impact100 grantees report increased awareness in both the funding community and broader community due to press exposure from Impact100 grants.
Peter Frumkin with new member Joan Waters. 

After his presentation, Frumkin facilitated a lively discussion among members and guests. Dawn George suggested that an additional paradigm for Impact100 specifically is its gender-based identity that has and does shape both our values and our process. Jacquie Stern noted that along with bonding between members, Impact100 strives to work with our grantees as community partners, offering additional networking and community bridging opportunities. The discussion also turned to long-term evaluation of Impact100's effectiveness, especially now that the organization is in its fifth grant cycle. Frumkin admitted that he hadn't seen any other groups nationally evaluating themselves well in this regard and encouraged Impact100 to lead the way. Many members expressed interest in following up, so stay tuned.

Impact Report from 2012 Impact Grantee
Norris Square Neighborhood Project
$10,000 operating grant recipient
NSNP garden
The Philadelphia Inquirer featured this photo last week of Interim Executive Director Megan Barnes, attorney Amy Laura Cahn and Director of Garden Program Rafael Alvarez  

"...For many years, NSNP's gardening programming and youth programming have been far too separate, again due to limited staff capacity and resources.

Through Rafael taking over the Urban Garden Program, the programs have achieved the type  of integration long sought after by NSNP's staff, board and community. The same youth voice that rings through NSNP's youth programming contributes to and builds the gardening programming alongside community members of all ages."

NSNP's Full Report to Impact100  

See the Philadelphia Inquirer article
published last week about NSNP's Garden Program. 
Here's to the start of another grant cycle for Impact -- our fifth! Thank you to all who have joined Focus Area Committees. For those who have not joined FACs, follow all of the news from the grants process in upcoming newsletters and through our social media sites. 

Members, look for an invitation to the Proposal Review Workshop in a separate email today.  

Mary Broach & Lisa Piraino

Communications Chairs

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