Are you interested in being a Missionary where you live now? You don't have to move overseas or quit what you are doing!

The passion of the City Catalyst is a strong desire for wholistic urban poor neighborhood transformation that then collectively changes the city from the inside out through the collaboration of neighborhoods.  The focus is on transformative results, not just assisting those they are mentoring to do activities. They do the following:

  1. The City Catalyst will guide, mentor and encourage the quality implementation of the Neighborhood Transformation's (NT) vision, purpose and strategy in the assigned city.
  2. Visit churches and Christian non-profits in the assigned city, looking for those who have tired of traditional ways of ministering to the urban poor and are seeking a new model that leads to sustainable transformation and empowers people to take more responsibility for their own lives.
  3. Invite interested churches and organizations to a four-hour Neighborhood Transformation Vision Seminar, which the City Catalyst plans and leads with the assistance of other facilitators.
  4. After finding churches and non-profit agencies, the City Catalyst mentors and encourages the programs of Neighborhood Transformation; acting as the ongoing coach to ensure their sustainability.
  5. Plans and leads TOTs (Training of Trainers) to equip those who will be working in the neighborhood. The City Catalyst is again the main trainer, among other facilitators, for these seminars. These are usually held in seven Saturday participatory trainings. 
  6. Create a network of Neighborhood Transformation programs, forming a city collaborative, and enabling workers to learn from each other.
  7. Foster the development of regular Network meetings of Neighborhood Transformation teams within the city.
  8. Lead council meetings consisting of the NT leaders of the assigned city. 


We see different ways by which you might obtain support to do this ministry:

  1. Do this part time or full time dependent on your situation.
  2. For those willing to raise support, become a support-raising employee of ATM. 
  3. Become an affiliate of ATM and set up an NGO with ATM as their umbrella for donations. This allows you to have a nonprofit in the city with the 501c3 IRS coverage through ATM.  With this vehicle you can raise donations for your salary, as well as for the new organization.
  4. Have another way of providing for your living such as coming under an existing non-profit or church that has a vision for city/neighborhood transformation. This would work best if the organization would allow you to act one or two days a week to mobilize for city transformation across your city.
  5. Possibly provide some type of business opportunity that would complement NT.
Do you think you might want to explore this further?  We have a lot more information that we can provide you. Contact Stan Rowland.

Please consider becoming a City Catalyst or sharing this opportunity with someone who you think would be interested in this ministry.  


Stan Rowland

Founder and Director of the Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation

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Collaborative for Neighborhood Transformation is an affiliate of the Alliance for Transformational Ministry (ATM), Tax ID Number 26-3976247.  Contributions to ATM and its affiliates are deductible for income tax purposes as described in IRS Section 170.  Unless otherwise stated, no goods or services, other than intangible spiritual benefits, were provided in exchange for contributions.  While ATM and its affiliates strive to apply gifts in accordance with the donors wishes, the IRS requires that ATM exercise full control of the funds in the fulfillment of its ministry.