February 2, 2016
League of Women Voters of Massachusetts
Please urge your Senator to vote YES on S.2120 Public Records Access Bill
Thursday, Feb. 4
This is the year Massachusetts will pass strong public records access legislation--or remain near the bottom of all states in regards to transparency in government. 

S.2120 as released from the Senate Ways and Means Committee greatly improves government transparency and the ability of the public to gain access to records that are legally public.The Senate is expected to vote on this bill Thursday, Feb. 4
Please call or email your Senator now and request that S.2120 is passed and is strengthened not weakened by amendments. You can find your Senator's contact information here.

Public access to public records is a right we must preserve in a democracy. The House-passed bill, H.3858, greatly weakened the proposed legislation.This Senate bill addresses the primary issues and is a strong improvement.

Passage of this bill will:
  • Designate a public records officer in agencies so that the public and the agency know who the point person is.
  • Promote access to public records in electronic form.
  • Reduce fees and create firm time frames for providing the records.
  • Provide an enforcement mechanism similar to the one in many other states, allowing requestors to sue for attorney fees when appropriate requests are denied.

Passage of this bill will not:
  • Change any of the existing definitions of what constitutes a public record.
  • Result in an unfunded mandate.
  • Make the legislature or the executive branch subject to disclosure.

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