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Solar Summit 2013

The NYC Solar Summit is coordinated by Sustainable CUNY with support from the NYC Solar Partnership:




NYC Solar Summit 2013
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NYC Solar Summit 2013
Smart. Resilient. Solar. June 4, 2013

At the 2013 NYC Solar Summit, CUNY will showcase the programmatic and IT tools developed for NYC that will further reduce the soft costs of solar in the five boroughs, and now, throughout New York State. NYSolar Smart is a state-wide effort to address the non- hardware balance of systems costs of installing solar such as permitting, zoning, interconnection, outreach, policy and financing. NYSolar Smart is supported by State and City agencies as well as over 40 partners across New York and will additionally address the challenges of integrating solar and other distributed generation into emergency power planning and grid resiliency. Registration Open 

Solar on NYC Rooftops Sees Record Growth
Poised For More
There were 14 MW of solar actively generating power on City rooftops at the close of 2012, an increase from 8.5 megawatts just a year earlier. There were only a handful of solar installation companies doing business in NYC and barely a megawatt of solar in 2007 when the City University of New York (CUNY) first partnered with the Mayor's Office of Long Term Planning and Sustainability, NYC Economic Development Corporation, New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) and Con Edison to strategically address barriers to large scale solar adoption. [more...]
A Plan for Solar Thermal

CUNY and its NYC solar partners are now taking a similar approach to collaboratively address the barriers facing solar thermal in NYC. Within the City, over 50% of building energy use is for space heating, space cooling, or hot water - representing a significant driver of fossil fuel-based greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, poor air quality, and energy import dependence. However, there are only 43 known solar hot water installations. The NYC Solar Hot Water Road Map will establish a strategic plan for the future growth of a solar thermal market in the City and is expected to be released by CUNY in May. 

Sustainable CUNY Expands Solar Efforts Across New York State
In 2012 New York State was the 10th largest solar market in terms of installed PV capacity nationwide, yet with a population of 19 million it is the 3rd largest state. One of the challenges for NY installers is that the installed cost of solar can differ by as much as 40% by county, as a result of the diversity of permitting and other requirements in various jurisdictions. Based on successes through the implementation of four solar initiatives supported by the U.S. Department of Energy, Sustainable CUNY has launched NYSolar Smart. This state-wide effort is a collaboration of over 40 partners and is supported in part by NYSERDA and NYPA through Governor Cuomo's NY-Sun Initiative. Initial efforts already underway include a state-wide survey of local permitting processes, zoning laws, financing options, and interconnection requirements, as well as the development of a New York State standard permit form and a front page for a New York State Solar Map. NYSolar Smart.
Emergency Power Outages Impacts Role of Solar, DG

America is waking up to the fact that solar and other distributed generation (DG) could be a valuable source of back-up power. In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy CUNY determined that while the 672 solar arrays on NYC rooftops at that time sustained little or no damage during the storm, they were unable to supply critically needed power during the subsequent outage. While the capability exists, in order to tap into this resource on a broad scale, key issues such as system design, costs, technology integration, incentive structure, codes and regulations need to be addressed. Sustainable CUNY is leading the push to integrate solar and DG into emergency and resiliency planning and has formed the
Smart Distributed Generation (DG) Hub with Utility, City, State and Federal participation.

Solar and Emergency Power FAQ
Sustainable CUNY, together with NYSERDA, Consolidated Edison and leading inverter companies, developed a FAQ document to provide responses to questions raised concerning the potential for solar photovoltaics (PV) to provide power during widespread utility outages. The questions and answers broadly address whether it is currently possible to retrofit or purchase a PV system that will provide backup power in the event of grid failure. In answering these questions there are technical, regulatory, and economic elements to consider as well as what would be considered best-practices for critical infrastructure like shelters and hospitals versus homes, multi-family units and commercial businesses. FAQ
Why We Need to Know

Tracking Solar Production in NYC   

Currently, Con Edison has no way to track the amount of solar energy being produced in any given hour on its grid. A smarter, cleaner and more resilient electric grid requires integrating intelligent data monitoring with distributed energy generation systems like solar and emergency generators. Many of the existing PV systems have some variation of data monitoring systems that can inform the owner or installer of the power that their installation is producing. However, those systems don't communicate with one another and that information is not being collected in any single data center. [more..]