June 2015
It's been less than a week since the season finale of Game of Thrones, and this Sunday we're supposed to be showering dads everywhere with something they'll love. We see an action-packed, fantasy-driven void that needs to be filled! Skip the cutesy coffee mugs and uninventive gift cards and give him something that will get his adrenaline pumping.



"A fun adventure of magic, political intrigue, and good old-fashioned heroes."

Michael Sullivan, author of the Riyria Chronicles


"Sheer fun, with engaging, pulse-quickening action, sympathetic characters and intricate intrigue."

Kirkus Reviews


"A good read for a fan of Roger Zelazny, George R.R. Martin, or anyone who likes the mystery of magic mixed with intrigue."



Whether you're into the chaos of war, magic hiding under the surface, or the intrigue of diplomatic conspiracies, Jon Sprunk's The Book of the Black Earth series has it all. And who are we kidding, we watch Game of Thrones for the backstabbing and bloodshed, and it's got a bit of that too.


Hook up Dad with Blood and Iron, and if you're really his favorite, add the brand new follow-up, Storm and Steel, too!

Also by Jon Sprunk




About the Author

Jon Sprunk


Jon Sprunk is the author of Blood and Iron and Storm and Steel as well as the Shadow Saga--Shadow's SonShadow's Lure, and Shadow's Master. A devoted Dad himself, he lives in central Pennsylvania with his family. 



Learn more about Jon Sprunk from his Reddit's "Ask Me Anything"

Do You or Dad Need More Game of Thrones Action?



"Genuinely inspired, shockingly erotic, 
and completely fantastic, The Barrow is an 
immersive read that grabs you in its own
 strange gravity and leaves you craving more."

John R. Fultz, author of the Books of the Shaper trilogy


"'Epic' doesn't even begin to describe the nuances and complexities of the plots and alliances in this fresh take on highly recommended heroic fantasy."

Jeff VanderMeer, author of the New York Times-bestselling Southern Reach trilogy


What Mark Smylie's The Barrow may lack in grand-scale politics, it makes up for in grit and violence.   Just...trust us on this one. 




"An involving and deftly written novel of escape and capture, love and loss, and battles both mental and physical.... Fans of C. J. Cherryh, Elizabeth Bear,  and George R. R. Martin will find the same intelligence, wit, and mastery of language in The Leopard."

ForeWord Reviews


For those who think fantasy can't get any better than watching gods and humans battle side by side, K. V. Johansen's The Leopard is the perfect fit. Paired with The Lady, you've got more epicness that you thought possible in only two books.

Pick up any of the above books, and dad will quickly forget whoever it was that George R. R. Martin killed off last week.


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Lisa Michalski

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