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If you know someone who likes sword fights, intergalactic battles, and heroes with more than a few flaws, then we've got you covered this holiday season!  You won't have to look far to find the right gift for the fantasy and science fiction-lovers on your holiday lists. 



"Sheer fun, with engaging, pulse-quickening action, sympathetic characters and intricate intrigue. . . .
Definitely a series to follow."

Kirkus Reviews


"A fun adventure of magic, political intrigue, and good, old-fashioned heroes."

Michael J. Sullivan 

Author of the Riyria Chronicles




"Genuinely inspired, shockingly erotic, and completely fantastic, The Barrow is an immersive read that grabs you in its own strange gravity and leaves you craving more. . . . It is bloody beautiful."

John R. Fultz 

Author of Seven Sorcerers and the
Books of the Shaper trilogy


"It's a fast ride, scary and twisty-turny, and it also has plenty of airships,
zombies, and sarcasm, three of the best
things in the world. It's also very
well written-terse but punchy, like Hemingway meets 
The Walking Dead."

Tad Williams 

Author of Sleeping Late on Judgement Day

"Hodder puts his knack for tall-tale spinning on full display, with such Victorian England celebrities as Herbert Spencer and H. G. Wells rubbing elbows with each other in one imaginative and enthralling scenario after another."




"This is space opera at its best-simultaneously pulse pounding and mind-expanding. Resnick is our E. E. 'Doc' Smith, our Edgar Rice Burroughs: he is the twenty-first century's master of excitement and adventure. Enjoy!"

Robert J. Sawyer 

Hugo Award-winning author of
Red Planet Blues



"A fresh and thrilling adventure.... Edwards shows that speculative fiction needn't be dystopic, conspiracy-filled or love-triangled to be riveting and satisfying. Amaz-simply amaz."



"Fans of Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game and the Battlestar Gallatica television show will enjoy this space adventure."

School Library Journal

 "A really fun read. . . .highly recommend[ed] for fans of sword and sorcery, epic fantasy and alternative reality, as well as table-top gamers!"


"A high-stakes adventure through a complex world with intriguing
characters that will keep you flipping pages until the very end."

Gail Z. Martin
author of Reign of Ash

"Johansen has found a winning combination: the modern epic fantasy penchant for a cast of thousands
and the golden age feeling of a tale of Conan or Fafhrd and the Gray Mouser dueling with gods gone mad."

Publishers Weekly

"Supernatural horror, court intrigue,
and intricate social allegiances breathe life into a familiar coming-of-age story that also includes plenty of forbidden sorcery and pulpy adventure."

Publishers Weekly


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Happy holidays and seasons readings, from Pyr.


Lisa Michalski

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