April 2014

 Two "firsts" you can't afford to miss

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In 2013, two debut authors introduced new characters with a bang (pun intended) as their heroes each faced a string of murders. Since each author has a new book coming out in June, we want to make sure you don't miss their "firsts."


For the hottest legal thriller and a trip to SoCal, check out the first Parker Stern novel, Corrupt Practices by Robert Rotstein.  New York Times-bestselling author Sue Grafton calls this debut "a terrific book. Just terrific. Robert Rotstein has come up with a fresh take on the legal thriller and he does a first-rate job."


Or travel back to 1960 with reporter Ellie Stone in James Ziskin's debut Styx & Stone. Library Journal calls the first Ellie Stone novel "an engrossing debut in what promises to be a fascinatingly complex series. . . . Ziskin successfully pulls off a nuanced plot."


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Meet Parker Sterncorrupt



In Robert Rotstein's debut 

thriller Corrupt Practices, a Los Angeles church, considered by some to be a powerful cult, charges Rich Baxter with embezzling millions. Rich reaches out to former colleague and star trial attorney Parker Stern to come to his defense. Parker despises the cult, but he hasn't entered a courtroom since developing severe stage fright after his mentor, Harmon Cherry, committed suicide. Rich claims that Cherry did not kill himself - he was murdered by someone connected to the church. At first, Parker doesn't believe it... until disturbing events force him to question what's really happening.


As the case takes an unexpected turn, Parker surprises himself and agrees to take on the church. But to represent his client and uncover the truth he must overcome his own long-buried secrets.



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Out in June 


Parker Stern returns to the courtroom in
Reckless Disregard.reckless


"Outstanding! A mesmerizing mix of legal thriller and murder mystery. . . . The plot is crisp with twists and turns I didn't see coming. Fans of Michael Connelly will love Rotstein's intimate knowledge of Los Angeles, and Brad Meltzer fans will appreciate the driven pace and witty dialogue. Put Reckless Disregard at the top of your reading list."

-Robert Dugoni, New York Times-bestselling author of Murder One


"Endless novelties, endless twists, endless complications, endless surprises in and out of the courtroom. Whatever you read legal drama for, it's here, along with a whole lot of other stuff you never thought to ask for." 

-Kirkus Reviews STARRED review



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rotsteinAbout the Author: Robert Rotstein


Robert Rotstein

Robert Rotstein, an entertainment attorney with over thirty years' experience in the industry, is the author of Corrupt Practices, the first Parker Stern novel. He's represented all of the major motion picture studios and many well-known writers, producers, directors, and musicians. He lives with his family in Los Angeles, California.

Introducing Ellie Stone

In James Ziskin's debut Styx & Stone Ellie Stone doesn't
 want to blaze any trails for women; she just wants to be a reporter, one who doesn't need to swat hands off her behind at every turn. styx


It's 1960 and Ellie, adrift in her career, is back in New York City after receiving news that her estranged father, a renowned Dante scholar and distinguished professor, is near death after a savage bludgeoning in his home. The police suspect a routine burglary, but Ellie has her doubts.  When a second attempt is made on her father's life, in the form of an "accident" in the hospital's ICU, Ellie's suspicions are confirmed.


Then another professor turns up dead, and Ellie's investigation turns to her father's university colleagues, their ambitions, jealousies, and secret lives. Ellie embarks on a thorny journey of discovery and reconciliation, as she pursues an investigation that offers her both a chance at redemption in her father's eyes, and the risk of losing him forever.



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Out in June


Ellie Stone stumbles upon 

another murder in No Stone Unturned.unturned


"Taut. . . . Ellie keeps the reader's attention throughout, as her mask of cool competence and roguish charm slowly falls away to reveal her all-consuming ambition."

-Publishers Weekly




Praise for Styx and Stone, the first Ellie Stone mystery: 


"The year is prefeminist 1960 and . . . Ziskin offers a woman sleuth who is as loose and mouthy as any guy. . . . For such a freewheeling character, the plot is surprisingly intellectual."

-Toronto Star



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ziskinAbout the Author: James Ziskin

James Ziskin
Photo © Juan Tallo



James W. Ziskin is the author of Styx & Stone, the first Ellie Stone mystery. A linguist by training, Ziskin was director of New York University's Casa Italiana Zerilli-Marimò for five years, where he collaborated with an impressive catalogue of writers, journalists, and academics on cultural and educational events.

You won't want to miss these two authors, so run out and grab your copies today!


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