December 2013 
No. 11
2013 Holiday Roundup
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After launching last fall, 2013 marked our first full calendar year of Seventh Street Books™ and what a year it has been! From mysteries to thrillers, police procedurals to cozies, we've got something for every crime fiction lover. Read on to find the perfect gifts for the readers on your list. Intro



Hugo Marston, chief of security at the American embassy in Paris, must investigate a twisted grave robber . . . and a killer.

There's no such thing as a perfect crime, but a torso in a suitcase is pretty close. Sean Duffy is ready to follow the trail of blood that always connects a body to its killer.





An attorney with courtroom stage fright confronts his long-buried secrets while investigating murders that may be connected to a cultlike church.

In Afghanistan, a boy is found dead. His mother, along with a soldier and an American aid worker work to discover the truth behind his death.

DebutsImpressive Debuts




A troubled psychiatrist turns investigator when a young patient confesses to murder.

Samuel Craddock, the best lawman the town of Jarrett Creek, Texas ever had, is pressed back into service when an old friend is killed.


startersSeries Starters



After twenty-four years in the marines, Mac McClellan is happy to be a civilian again and let others take charge, but that won't happen until he clears his name as the number one suspect in a murder.

In 1960s' New York City, Ellie Stone plays by her own rules while  searching for a killer among the renowned scholars in Columbia University's Italian Department.

Fierce loyalties, staunch compassion, and a  weakness for strays lead Bai Jiang, San Francisco's best known people finder, into violent conflicts that test her pacifist beliefs.






Jersey Leo, an outcast, a misfit, and a good-hearted soul, is hiding behind a tough guy's swagger battling gangsters  in Prohibition-

era New York City.

This imaginative hard-boiled mystery dives into the writer's block of Dashiell Hammett, author of the

 Maltese Falcon.

A down-on-his-luck private eye faces a multimillion-dollar plot and a perpetrator who   will kill to keep it secret.




A young woman who has been presumed dead for nineteen years returns to her family's plantation to find out why her parents died.

The year is 1940 and two American sisters in Paris risk their lives to save a downed British airman from Nazi arrest.

A woman is out to clear her cousin of murder charges after a blackmailer targeting the wealthy Carlisle family turns up dead.

Thank you for the support of this still-young imprint. We hope your holiday season holds fun, family, and lots of time to read!


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