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Pyr Catalog Fall-Winter 2013-14

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As 2013 winds to a close, we'd like to share with you some of the exciting books that have come out this year. Enjoy!
Welcome to a Steampunk wild west starring Doc Holliday, with zombies, dinosaurs, robots, and cowboys. 
Burton & Swinburne return in a wildly imaginative alternate history! 
Superheroes, steampunk, and mechanical men come together in 19th century New York. 
Science Fictionscifi
Cassandra Kresnov-a highly advanced hunter-killer android-returns to face down a rogue government's plot to eliminate free will. 
A gifted young singer battles for the rights of her people and the entire generation ship when it returns home to a dangerous land.  
This exciting annual collection reprints many winning and nominated science fiction and fantasy stories in the Nebula Awards. 
Wrath Bearing Tree    
It's Brent Weeks meets China Mieville in this wildly imaginative fantasy debut featuring high action, elegant writing, and sword and sorcery with a Chinese flare. 
 Gods clash with Gods, and the powers beyond gods, as the epic origin story of Morlock Ambrosius, son of Merlin, continues!
When the goddess of chaos was freed, wild magic returned to Andovar. Against a magic-hoarding plutocracy, Vidarian is locked in a race for the future of the world.


Young Adultyoungadult
  Earth Girl  
Widdershins and her secret god battle against the monsters and the machinations of men in a French-flavored fantasy world.
 Abandoned and forever confined to the planet, Jarra sets out on a mission to prove she's no different than the "norms" who live in space.
 When Nikola Tesla is murdered and blueprints for his super weapons are stolen, Tweed and Nightingale are drawn into chase around the globe.
Thanks for checking out some of our must-reads from this year! Don't forget to visit out our website for the most up-to-date releases and our blog for some awesome (though sometimes random) behind the scenes info. 
Happy holidays, and seasons readings from us at Pyr.

Lisa Michalski  
Senior Publicist
Pyr- an imprint of Prometheus Books