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May 8, 2013

This Pyr-a-zine we're focusing on Young Adult! Out now, Reaper's Legacy is the second book in Tim Lebbon's Toxic City trilogy. We are also pleased to bring you K.D. McEntire's Never, the concluding volume of the saga begun with Lightbringer
Reaper's Legacy

A journey through post-apocalyptic London in Reaper's Legacy!

"Lebbon is a versatile writer who tends toward the darker side in his fiction, and this is no exception. It appears this series is being marketed as young adult fiction but don't let that label dissuade you, regardless of your age."

            -Critical Mass


"Lebbon has truly outdone himself. The pacing, tone, and style of the novel is consistent, but the plot will truly captivate readers...No doubt, every reader who picks up this series will be gripped by its adventure and dark mystery."

            -Lovey Dovey Books

"Loaded with action that moves forward the exciting storyline, this thriller also sets the stage for Contagion. Fans will appreciate this dark dystopian urban fantasy (with sci fi elements) as Tim Lebbon turns London into a Toxic City wasteland."

            -The Alternative World

Two years after London is struck by a devastating terrorist attack, it is cut off from the world, protected by a large force of soldiers (known as Choppers), while those
in the rest of Britain believe that their ex-capital is now a toxic, uninhabited wasteland. Jack and his friends know that the truth is very different. The handful of survivors in London are developing strange, fantastic powers. Evolving. Meanwhile, the Choppers treat the ruined city as their own experimental playground.   


Jack's own developing powers are startling and frightening, though he is determined to save his father, the brutal man with a horrific power who calls himself Reaper. Jack must also find their friend Lucy-Anne, who went north to find her brother.   


Lucy-Anne discovers terrifying-people evolving into monstrous things and the knowledge that a nuclear bomb has been set to destroy what's left of London. And the clock is ticking.


Director Alex Proyas (Dark City) is developing a TV series based on the Toxic City trilogy!   


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A world a breath away from our own... 

"[Never]...ends on an emotionally complex, satisfying note."

           -Kirkus Reviews  


"Never is that rare sequel that both surpasses and enhances the preceeding books and makes you want to read them all over again. This explosive, bittersweet finale expands the unique world and mythology McEntire has crafted and provides a satisfying conclusion to a remarkable series."

-E. C. Myers (Fair Coin and Quantum Coin)  

The Never is on the brink of destruction by the Lady Walker. Wendy, shorn of her Light by the Reapers, must be the one to save it from the beasts between the worlds. Now no more powerful than an average spirit, Wendy reluctantly strikes a balance between Elise, the new Reaper matriarch, and Jane, a Reaper gone rogue. Torn between her duty to her friends, the Riders, and her duty as the Lightbringer, Wendy must rush to learn the secrets left behind. She must make the ultimate sacrifice to bring the worlds into balance once more. . . even if it costs her very soul.


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"Overall, this final installment ends the story exactly how it should: with bravery, passion and a few tears. This is a wonderful trilogy and sci-fi fans who haven't yet read it are definitely missing out."

            -Portland Book Review



Don't miss the first two volumes of the trilogy!


Sword of Fire and Sea    Lance of Earth and Sky 



Nebula Awards Showcase 2013

"A tasty cornucopia of tales to please most genre tastes."

        -Library Journal

"Essential fare for short story aficionados."

-Kirkus Reviews






 In the mood for more award-winning short fiction? The Nebula Awards Showcase 2012 is available now!  




Nebula Awards Showcase






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Rene Sears
Editorial Assistant, Pyr

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