I just learned that 53% of those who read my last newsletter opened it up on their mobile device. Accordingly, I'm switching the newsletter over to this new format so that you will always have the most convenient access to my latest ideas and teaching schedule.

October/November 2015

I was surprised to learn that 53% of my readers are looking at these newsletters on their mobile devices. Consequently, I'm changing the newsletter to keep up with the latest technology. Please let me know how all this looks on your end, on your mobile phone. 

In the meanwhile, I thought it would be helpful to write a little bit about federal grants. I won the first eight that I wrote. One of our clients, Irvine Valley College, just won $1.5 million from the U.S. Department of Education to fund a new Advanced Intercultural Learning Center to benefit Asian American, Pacific Islander students. 

The secret of my success can be boiled down to the fact that I follow directions and pay detailed attention to the questions. In this newsletter, I'll give you more of the tips that are working for me and our outstanding clients.
Local law enforcement agencies can win substantial federal grants if they apply for funding.

Pay Attention to the Points: Simple Tips for Winning Federal Grants

Writing a successful federal grant demands the exact same skills, resources, and product positioning skills discussed in my booklet, A Really Great Booklet on Grant Writing. The only real difference is that you need to apply these skills with even greater depth and discipline.  As you may know, I created my best, early successes writing federal grants.

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Fall Onions with Copper Pitcher by John C. Drew, October 2014.
Turns Out There is Money for Businesses: More Good News About Federal Grants

For years I have been teaching my students that there is no money from foundations or the government to start a business. I'm happy to learn that my statements were incorrect in a number of key instances. Most importantly, it turns out that the federal government will pay your company to conduct scientific research and development, provided that research matches one of its announced interests. 

Drew & Associates booklet
Check Out Everything You Need to Know About Securing Grant Money for Yourself

The Nine Greatest Pathways for Profiting from Grants: How to Get the Resources You Need from Corporate, Foundation, and Government Sources

This 45-page, bound copy of The Nine Greatest Pathways for Profiting
from Grants 
gives you state-of-the-art information on how to get started in obtaining
government benefits, scholarships, individual grants, and Small Business Administration (SBA) guaranteed loans. It gives you directions on how to start-up your own non-profit organization or how to establish yourself as a grant writing consultant. Finally, it provides effective tips for winning federal funding for both non-secular and faith-based organizations. Price: $30.00 plus shipping and handling.


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