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Fight the Paper
Ready for Chip and Pin?
Bootcamp Schedule for 2015
August Speaking Engagements
Word Tip of the Month - Have Word Read to You
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Affinity Partners with CaseMax
PCLaw v11 Support Ends
Focused Writing? - Go Retro!
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Fight the Paper
- What You Need to Know About Managing the Flow of Paper in Your Law Firm


Technology has fundamentally changed the way lawyers draft documents, gather and manage case information, conduct research, communicate, and render services. In spite of these changes, many of us still manage paper today the same way lawyers managed paper 25 years ago. It's time to upgrade that approach.


Affinity Partner Paul J. Unger, Esq. will lead a FREE WEBINAR on August 18 at 1 p.m. EDT called "Fight the Paper!"  This 60-minute webinar will cover everything you need to make your office digital, get your paper under control, and take full advantage of Adobe Acrobat and PDFs. Going digital means collecting all documents you've created and received, plus all related email messages and attachments in an electronic system, organized by client and matter. It sounds complicated and expensive, but you'll see that the tools you need are off-the-shelf, easy to use and inexpensive. 


Paul will explain and demonstrate how scanners can be used in the law office to reduce paper, lower operating costs and significantly improve efficiency. He will also discuss document organization and storage techniques that will allow you to locate any document (sent or received) in seconds.


Upgrade your approach and fight the paper! REGISTER TODAY!

Watch YourBusiness Webinars
During April, we presented four FREE YourBusiness webinars. You can watch them FREE online at the links below.

Are You Ready for Chip and Pin?
- Steven J. Best, Esq. 


Last October, President Obama signed an executive order that will change how the U.S. processes credit cards effective October 2015.


Most retail U.S. businesses, including law firms, must adopt EuroPay-MasterCard-Visa type (chip and pin) terminals to process credit cards or risk a major shift in liability should fraud take place.  Businesses that don't process cards via chip-pin terminals are on the hook for any fraud.  Formerly the banks were liable, but as of 10/1/15, retailers themselves are liable if they don't adopt EMV technology. This could expose your firm to significant additional liability.


Read About What You Need to Do to Be Ready for Chip and Pin Technology?

Bootcamp Schedule for 2015
-Atlanta PCLaw Bootcamp, August 11-12.
Affinity's comprehensive Bootcamp training series is underway. Here are the remaining 2015 Bootcamps:
  • Atlanta PCLaw Bootcamp, August 11-12. Register HERE
  • Ft. Lauderdale Tabs3/PracticeMaster Bootcamp, August 25-27, Register  HERE. 
  • Denver Worldox Bootcamp, Sept. 15-16, Register HERE.
  • Bedford, NH, Worldox Bootcamp, Sept. 16-17, Register HERE.
  • Clearwater Beach CaseAware Bootcamp, October 26-28, Register HERE.
  • Clearwater Beach Management Symposium Bootcamp, Oct. 27-28, Register HERE. 
  • Orlando PCLaw Bootcamp, October 28-29, Register HERE.  
  • Phoenix Worldox Bootcamp, November (Details TBA soon).
August Speaking Engagements
The dog days of summer have our partners and consultants working like dogs as they speak at conferences and seminars from one end of the country to the other. This includes stops in Chicago, Atlanta, Las Vegas, Denver, Philadelphia, and Fort Lauderdale.

Word Logo
MS Word Tip of the Month - Use Narrator to Read Text
With the release of Windows 10, much of the "talk" is about Cortana, Microsoft's new voice assistant. But if you are planning to wait to upgrade your primary office PC to Windows 10, you can still take advantage of the voice technology features built into earlier versions of Windows. This month's tip will describe how to use Narrator with Word to have documents read to you.

MacCorner - Paperless Mac
- Jeffrey Schoenberger, Esq.

A paperless office is not just for Windows users. You can be just as paperless with a Mac. This month's MacCorner will discuss what software you need show you how to take advantage of the greater efficiency of not dealing with documents in their physical form. 


Read this month's MacCorner on the Paperless Mac.

Tabs3/PracticeMaster v18 beta coming soon! 
- Beta Testers Needed
There are amazing new features coming in v18.  If your firm is interested in receiving an early release of this new version that will include major upgrades to the Trust Accounting System, new General Ledger reporting features, and many other fantastic new features, let us know! 

We are happy to discuss with you the full list of new features and the benefits of being a beta tester. The Tabs3/PracticeMaster software is incredibly stable, even in beta, and we feel confident in recommending it to our clients.

For more information, contact Britt Lorish or Sandy Adams.
Dragon VSP
Speech Solutions - Don't Overlook Digital Dictation
- Britt Lorish
In today's world, the average person is quite adept at typing on a computer keyboard. Because of this, many lawyers have done away with the art of dictation, opting instead to type their own documents and emails. Unfortunately, foregoing dictation, especially with new digital technology, will also forego increased efficiency. 

Affinity Partners with CaseMax
Affinity Consulting Group is now providing consulting, design and implementation services for CaseMax's suite of default services software. For details, contact Erica Fujimoto at or 727-544-5400. 

PCLAW v11 Support Ends
As of July 31, LexisNexis ended support for PCLaw v11. If you received an email from LexisNexis notifying your firm that you are on an unsupported version, or if you are unsure your version is supported, please contact Danielle Faries to discuss your upgrade options.  

Email her at or call her at 727-565-0673. Don't wait until you need support!
Focused Writing? - Go Retro!
- Scott Bassett, Esq.
After many years of procrastinating, I FINALLY started writing my novel. Lawyers are writers by nature, and it is a rare lawyer who doesn't at least consider writing a book. 

But have your ever tried focused creative writing on a computer? There are distractions everywhere! Your email notifications, the allure of the web browser, updates to your Twitter feed, and do I even need to mention Facebook? How do you eliminate distractions when writing without resorting to pen and paper? Go retro!

Read the full Go Retro! article.
Newsworthy - Back-to-School Edition
Each month we bring you quick links to a variety of newsworthy items dealing with technology products, services, and other topics of interest to lawyers as they seek to better manage their practices. For August, we look at back-to-school tech for your kids. 
Meet the Team - Wray Withers
Affinity Consulting loves to help improve the lives of our customers. We thought you might enjoy getting to know about the lives of some of our team members who help make that happen.  Each month we will feature another member of the Affinity Team. Get to know us!

Meet Wray Withers, Client Service Team Member. Wray joined Affinity in May, 2013, with implementation and training experience at a small software company in Central Ohio. Wray and her husband have a sweet 2-year old boy who will soon be joined by "Mystery Son #2" in October.  Athena, their big husky-mix, rounds out the family. Wray loves her job at Affinity because, at least once a day, she gets to make someone's day easier! "Whether I fix it myself or find someone who can help our client learn a better way, their day just got a little bit better - and sometimes the better way makes not just one day, but every day easier."