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June 2015
Clio & NetDocuments Integration
MacCorner - Using a Mac in a Windows World
Bootcamp Schedule for 2015
June Speaking Engagements
Introducing YourKnowledge
Word Tip of the Month - Don't Cut & Paste
Amicus 2015 Upgrade Discounts for June
Chromebooks Become More Useful
Notice for PCLaw and Time Matters Users
Meet Our Client Services Team
Newsworthy - Links of Interest (Dads and Grads Edition)
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Practice and Document Management in the Cloud
- Clio and NetDocuments Integration

Cloud Computing


Law firms are continuing to look for ways to move their Case Management and Document Management systems to the Cloud. Having access to cases and documents from anywhere in the world is a very attractive concept for most attorneys and firm administrators. 


Unfortunately, there are many Cloud services providers. Their products don't often share data with products from other providers. But that is beginning to change. Cloud software providers have begun to partner up and build some very interesting integrations. One such partnership is the integration of Clio online case management and NetDocuments online document management.


This month's feature article explores how Clio and NetDocuments integrate to improve law office efficiency.


Read the June 2015 feature article on Clio and NetDocuments.

FREE Mac in a Windows World Webinar
June 16, 1 PM
Our Mac guru, Jeff Schoenberger, will let you know what it is like using a Mac in a Windows-centric office environment and how Macs can be better integrated into your law firm's technology. Join Jeff at 1 PM on Tuesday, June 16, for this FREE webinar. Register HERE. Meanwhile, read his MacCorner article (below) that gives a detailed preview of the webinar.
Watch YourBusiness Webinars
During April, we presented four FREE YourBusiness webinars. You can watch them FREE online at the links below.

MacCorner - Macs in a Windows World
- Jeffrey Schoenberger, Esq.
It is no secret that Windows PCs dominate law office technology. It is also no secret that Macs have made, and are continuing to make, inroads into law offices. Cloud-based software and services are partly responsible for this trend. A browser is a browser and it doesn't much matter which operating system runs underneath that browser. 

Also a factor is Apple's reputation for design, quality, reliability, and security. Macs are not immune from malware, but historically they have been a less attractive target than Windows PCs.

So what is it like to be a Mac user in a Windows world? Check out my FREE webinar on June 16 at 1 PM EDT. Register HERE. Meanwhile, for a preview, read this month's MacCorner.
Bootcamp Schedule for 2015
-Tabs3/PracticeMaster July 21-23 in Raleigh
Affinity's comprehensive Bootcamp training series is underway. Here are the remaining 2015 Bootcamps:
  • Raleigh Tabs3/PracticeMaster Bootcamp, July 21-23, Register HERE.
  • Atlanta PCLaw Bootcamp, August 11-12. Register HERE
  • Denver Worldox Bootcamp, Sept. 15-16, Register HERE.
  • Ft. Lauderdale, Tabs3/PracticeMaster Bootcamp, Sept. 21-23, Register HERE.
  • Clearwater Beach, FL, CaseAware Bootcamp, October 26-28, Register HERE.
  • Orlando, FL, PCLaw Bootcamp, October 28-29, Register HERE.  
  • Phoenix Worldox Bootcamp, December (Details TBA soon)
June Speaking Engagements
As summer begins, our Affinity Partners and Consultants are spending a lot of time in the Northeast and Appalachians with programs in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and West Virginia.

Introducing YourKnowledge
- It's Your Knowledge. Make the Most of it.
With Affinity's Private Law Firm Training Offering, YourKnowledge, you can work one on one with an expert trainer to design the curriculum that is right for your firm.

Whether you have new users or power users, old versions or new, we will work together to create a learning plan that puts your staff in control of the technology in which you have so wisely invested. Know what you own. Invest in your people.

For More Information, contact Katie Kennedy at or 877.676.5492.
Word Logo
MS Word Tip of the Month - Don't Cut & Paste Anymore
If you use Word, indeed if you use any software, you are familiar with the Ctrl-x and Ctrl-v commands for Cut & Paste. In Word, however, Cut & Paste is not the most efficient way to remove text from one position in the document and place it elsewhere.

Instead, select any block of text. Press F2. The status bar at the bottom of your screen will say Move to where. Place the cursor at the location where you wish to move the block of text. Press Enter and the selected text will be moved to your desired location. 
Amicus Upgrade Savings During June
Through June 30, Amicus Attorney Premium Edition Version 12 and Small Firm Version 12 users can save when upgrading. Here are the deals:

Premium Edition:
  • Save 20% off Amicus Premium 2015 upgrade licenses
  • Save 25% off Amicus Premium 2015 upgrade licenses when you purchase a Technical Support Plan
  • Save 30% off Amicus Premium 2015 upgrade licenses when you enroll in an Amicus Maintenance Plan
Small Firm Edition:
  • Save 20% when you upgrade to the most current version of Amicus Attorney Small Firm
  • Save 30% when you upgrade to Amicus Premium 2015 (Plus 50% off on the first license!)
If you are interesting in upgrading, please contact Danielle Faries by email or telephone at (727) 544-5400.
Chromebooks Become Even More Useful to Lawyers
- Scott Bassett, Esq.
Chromebooks are inexpensive, secure, and increasingly useful to mobile lawyers who don't want to spend a fortune on a laptop. Recent advances in Google's Cloud-centric computing platform make it even more useful to lawyers.

For example, many lawyers have a Microsoft Office 365 subscription and store/sync documents on OneDrive, Microsoft's excellent Cloud storage service. Still others use Dropbox for Cloud-based document storage. Until recently you could not directly access documents stored on OneDrive or Dropbox from the Chromebook Files app. Until a recent update to Chrome OS, only your Google Drive (and the rather limited local storage) was directly accessible.

Now you can install apps to let you directly "mount" and access your OneDrive and Dropbox storage from your Chromebook's Files app. This makes working with your law office documents much more convenient. 
Notice to PCLaw & Time Matters Users
You may have received an email from LexisNexis asking you to confirm your current CIC (Certified Independent Consultant). This is just a reminder to please contact to make sure your account is tagged properly.
Meet Affinity Consulting Group's Client Services Team
Serving our clients as efficiently and effectively as possible has always been a priority for each of us at Affinity. With that in mind, a few years ago, Affinity created our Client Services Team that is dedicated to being a first line of support for your legal software needs.  We wanted to take a moment to re-introduce you to this team and make sure that you understand how they can help you.

Newsworthy - Dads and Grads Edition
Each month we bring you quick links to a variety of newsworthy items dealing with technology products, services, and other topics of interest to lawyers as they seek to better manage their practices. For June, we look at tech-oriented gift guides for graduates and fathers.