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March 2015
A Look at Outlook on iOS
March Speaking Engagements
Tabs3/PracticeMaster Forum
Word Tip of the Month - Don't Send More Than You Intend
Word Bonus Tip of the Month - Use the Improved Word Online
Notice for Tabs3/PracticeMaster Users
Amicus 2015 Premium Upgrades Start
Meet Our Client Services Team
Newsworthy - Links of Interest (Hoping for Spring Edition)

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Odd Couple or Perfect Pair? 
- A Look at Outlook on iOS

Lawyers love their iPhones and iPads. Many lawyers also live their professional lives in Microsoft Outlook. Until now, lawyers couldn't use an official version of Outlook on their iOS devices.


All of that changed recently when Microsoft, which has been on a roll lately, released its Outlook app for Apple's iPhone and iPad. The new Outlook app is a rebrand of the much-loved Acompli email app purchased by Microsoft only two months earlier. 


It is part of Microsoft's new strategy of making its apps and services available on every platform, not just Windows. That strategy, which includes the excellent MS Office apps for iOS and Android, pays huge dividends for mobile lawyers wanting to be productive while on the road.


This month's feature article by our Mac/iOS specialist, Jeffrey Schoenberger, takes a close look at the Outlook app for iOS. Because his article is our feature, there will be no regular MacCorner article this month. 


Read "A Look at Outlook on iOS"

New on the Affinity Consulting Group Blog
March Speaking Engagements
Spring may or may not come to where you live and work this month, but our Affinity Partners and Consultants are springing into action to bring you quality technology-focused CLE from Virginia to Minnesota to New Mexico during March.  

Affinity to Attend and Present at 2015 Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Consultants Forum
The Affinity team is once again proud to participate in the 2015 Tabs3 and PracticeMaster Forum in Lincoln, NE March 20-21. Many of our practice management consultants and client relations team will be attending and presenting on the following topics:
  • Customizing PracticeMaster (Stacy Devlin)
  • PracticeMaster Best Practices Panel Discussion (Britt Lorish)
  • The Balancing Act (Comparing Reports in Tabs3 and General Ledger (Sandy Adams)
Our team is always excited to attend this event, and as proud members of the elite President's Circle where we swept all four awards again this year, Affinity looks forward to sharing knowledge with the others in attendance and bringing back important information to help our clients.
Word Logo
MS Word Tip of the Month - Don't Send More Than You Intend
Sending Word documents via email is a huge convenience, but you risk sending more information than you intend. Within law firms, many lawyers regularly use features such as tracked changes and comments. It's fine if your paralegal, associate, or partner sees your comments or changes, but letting them fall into the hands of opposing counsel could be disastrous. 

Set Word to warn you if a document you are about to save, send, or print has comments or tracked changes. In Word 2010 or 2013, open File>Options>Trust Center>Trust Center Settings>Privacy Options (whew, that was buried deep in the menu system!). Then check the box that says "Warn before printing, saving, or sending a file that contains tracked changes or comments."

This only works if you send documents directly from Word. If you attached a document to an email using Outlook or another email program, you bypass Word's privacy protections.
Word Logo
MS Word Bonus Tip of the Month - Use the Improved Word Online
You don't need Word on your computer to use Word. Really, how can that be? All you need is a web browser and Internet connection to use Word Online for free! 

Until recently, browser-based Word Online lacked many basic features of the locally installed MS Word software. Features have now been added that make Word Online more useful. 

You can create new blank documents or documents from templates. Creating or editing comments within documents is also supported. You can also run a word count, save a document to your computer or OneDrive, or convert it to PDF - all from your browser. 

Attention Tabs3/PracticeMaster Users
-Are You Receiving a Critical Software Update Notice?
If you are receiving this Critical Software Update notice and you would like assistance in getting your system properly updated, you may send an email to to get it scheduled. 

Amicus Premium 2015 Upgrades Begin in March
This month Affinity begins upgrading its clients to Amicus Premium 2015. The new version adds the Amicus Client Portal. It gives clients real-time access to select Amicus matter information through a secure online portal. There is also a new Exchange email link to synchronize your email directly with Exchange. See the Amicus Attorney site for the full list of features.

If you are interesting in upgrading to Amicus Premium 2015, please contact Danielle Faries by email or telephone at (727) 544-5400.
Meet Affinity Consulting Group's Client Services Team
Serving our clients as efficiently and effectively as possible has always been a priority for each of us at Affinity. With that in mind, a few years ago, Affinity created our Client Services Team that is dedicated to being a first line of support for your legal software needs.  We wanted to take a moment to re-introduce you to this team and make sure that you understand how they can help you.

Newsworthy - Hoping for Spring Edition
Each month we bring you quick links to a variety of newsworthy items dealing with technology products, services, and other topics of interest to lawyers as they seek to better manage their practices. According to the calendar, spring arrives later this month. We are hoping for better weather. Here are links to some hopeful (or at least helpful) articles, blog posts, and podcasts.