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PCLaw v14 Streamlines Billing with the Invoice Email Queue
- Cindy Melfa

In today's world, most clients expect to receive communication and billing by e-mail, and more and more firms 

are adopting e-mailing invoices to save money. Emailed invoices shorten the time it takes deliver invoices to clients. This will translate into getting paid more quickly.


For the last few years, PCLaw could accomplish e-mailing invoices, but it always missed the mark when law firms wanted to e-mail more than one at a time. If most clients wanted their invoice e-mailed and the firm had several hundred invoices a month, e-mailing one at a time crippled an efficient billing process. As a workaround, firms would mass bill, save their invoices to PDF, and then e-mail them after-the-fact. This is what we did here at Affinity.


Well no PCLaw v14. LexisNexis has introduced the Invoice E-mail Queue.  Read about it in this month's feature article.

In honor of our partnership with LexisNexis, this month we offer two 
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PCLaw Boot Camp - Register Now! 
- Ft. Lauderdale Oct. 16-17 
Join us for our final PCLaw Boot Camp of the year. You will receive intensive training that will enable you to tap into the full power of your PCLaw Time/Billing/Accounting system.

This Boot Camp is taught by our most senior Partners and Consultants. It are great for 
new users, existing users who need a refresher course, or to "Train your Trainer."  Accompanied by meticulous materials, you will go back to the office excited to unleash the full power of PCLaw. 

Register for the PCLaw Boot Camp here.


PCLaw Tip - Billing Direct to PDF
- Cindy Melfa


Despite efforts at paper reduction in law firms, billing is one area that still seems to generate a lot of paper. But it doesn't need to be that way.

If you are creating bills in PCLaw, hopefully you know by now that you can create a PDF version of that bill during the billing process.  


Read this month's feature article to learn how to use PCLaw to generate bills directly to PDF and skip the wasteful printing process. 

October Speaking Engagements
Our Affinity Partners and Consultants are traveling the country (and the country to our north) from British Columbia to Boston to Chicago in October to bring you the latest information on law practice technology and productivity.  

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MS Word Tip of the Month - Printing from Word for iPad 
Microsoft released its Office for iPad apps earlier this year, including Word for iPad. One key feature missing from the initial release was the ability to print Word documents from your iPad. That omission has been 

Practice Management Client Care (PMCC) Program
Affinity is proud to offer a cost-effective monthly service for our Amicus Attorney, Time Matters, PracticeMaster, Worldox, Tabs3 and PCLaw customers designed to ensure that you are getting everything you can out of the software you use every day to run your firm.


Affinity's Practice Management Client Care Program (PMCC) provides you with monthly access to educational feature webinars that will provide your users with real training that will enable them to take full advantage of the software that you already own. As a PMCC subscriber, you will also enjoy discounts on support, new user training and set up, and attendance at User Group meetings.


Click HERE for details, and be sure to contact Danielle Faries for more information.

Newsworthy - iPhone 6/iOS 8 Edition
Each month we will bring you quick links to a variety of newsworthy items dealing with technology products, services, and other topics of interest to lawyers as they seek to better manage their practices. This month, in honor of the long-awaited release of the two iPhone 6 models, each link is to an article that will help you better use your new (or existing) iPhone in your law practice.