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May 2014
Meet Our Partners - Tabs3 and PracticeMaster
Tabs3/PM Consultants Awards
May Speaking Engagements
Word Tip of the Month - Upgrade from Word 2003
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Meet Affinity Consulting Group and Our Valued Partners - Tabs3 and PracticeMaster

 - Jennifer M. Ramovs, Esq.


When our clients call on us for guidance, we don't just sell them a piece of software. We assess their needs, listen to their goals, learn about their practice and make recommendations. We take this responsibility seriously. 


That is why for over 20 years we have teamed up with Tabs3 and PracticeMaster to improve the lives and productivity of our clients.


This year, Tabs3 and PracticeMaster celebrate their 35 year anniversary, and it is no surprise that the company has had a Rock Solid presence in the software technology industry for decades.

Read our May feature article about our partnership with Tabs3 and PracticeMaster HERE.  

And be sure to attend our FREE one-hour webinars describing the features of Tabs3 and PracticeMaster.

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Affinity Sweeps Tabs3/PM Consultants Awards

Affinity Consulting Group did a clean sweep of the annual consultant awards presented by STI, the maker of Tabs3 time and billing software and PracticeMaster practice management software.


The awards won by Affinity include overall Consultant of the Year, Tabs3 Consultant of the Year, PracticeMaster Consultant of the Year, and Platinum Consultant of the Year.

May Speaking Engagements
This month our Affinity Partners and Consultants are on the road speaking on latest in law practice technology and efficiency, highlighted by the ALA Annual Conference and Exposition in Toronto May 19-22.  If you attend, visit the Affinity booth in the exhibitor area and also attend Affinity Partner Debbie Foster's presentation on "8 Things Affecting the Efficiency of Your Law Business & How to Fix Them."  

Word Logo MS Word Tip of the Month - Upgrade from MS Word/Office 2003  
- Barron K. Henley, Esq.
Last month we wrote about the end of technical support from Microsoft for its popular, but now very vintage, Windows XP operating system.  At the same time, Microsoft also ended support for Microsoft Office 2003, including Word 2003.  This can expose your computer and network to serious security risks. 
Each month we will bring you quick links to a variety of newsworthy items dealing with technology products, services, and other topics of interest to lawyers as they seek to better manage their practices.