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February 2014
Affinity and LawBase
PCLaw Training Feb 17-18
February Speaking Engagements
Word Tip of the Month - Correct Word's Defaults
Amicus Attorney 2014 Introduced
Tabs3/PracticeMaster President's Circle Awards
Practice Management Client Care
External Mic Review - Blue Snowflake
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 - And our valued Partner, LawBase

We've probably met. You receive our newsletter, so you have heard of Affinity Consulting Group. You may even be a client (Thank You!). But do you know what we do? Or more importantly, why we do it?


With practical advice, we do what we do to make your lives better. 
Our advice might include hardware and network advice, practice management software advice, time billing and accounting advice, document automation and document management advice, and beyond. 
Our advice often includes a particular software product, such as programs for law practice management.  This month, allow us to introduce you to one of our valued software partners, LawBase practice management software. 
Read our February feature article about our partnership with LawBase HERE.  
And be sure to attend our FREE webinar featuring Phil Homburger, the president and CEO of Synaptec Software, the maker of LawBase. Phil will focus on the most important things to consider when choosing Practice Management software, and will showcase LawBase so that attendees can see the powerful features of the program in action.  Register for the February 25 webinar HERE.
PCLaw Version 13 Training 
- February 17-18, Columbus, OH 
Affinity Consulting Group is excited to offer our PCLaw two-day User Training class that will help maximize the use of your firm's time, billing and accounting software. The instructor,
Affinity Partner Steven J. Best, Esq., will detail everything from PCLaw's basic features to tips and tricks that you will use daily. 

Existing users will have the opportunity to enhance their PCLaw skills and new users will get an excellent overview to begin using the software. Regardless of what version you are currently using, this class is sure to help you make the best use of PCLaw.

For more information or to register, click HERE.
February Speaking Engagements
This month our Partners and Consultants will be traveling around the nation speaking on the latest in law practice technology.  If they are speaking in your area, be sure to sign up to attend the event.

Word Logo MS Word 2007/10/13 Tip of the Month
This month our Word master, Barron K. Henley, Esq., shows you how to fix the sometimes odd formatting defaults imposed by recent versions of Microsoft Word.  

Amicus Attorney Certified Consultant Amicus Attorney 2014 - When to Upgrade?
Gavel & Gown Software has released Amicus Attorney Premium Edition 2014.  There are many new features including Dropbox integration, server-side Exchange synchronization, document access through Amicus Anywhere, real-time data on all portable devices, etc.  For a complete list of new features, view our Blog post HERE.

We are working diligently at Affinity to test each and every new (and previously existing!) feature to ensure that your upgrade experience is painless. Our goal is to be sure that Amicus 2014 will have nothing but a positive impact on your practice before you move forward with the upgrade process.


Check our BLOG frequently for our latest recommendations on when to upgrade!

Affinity Earns President's Circle Awards for Tabs3/PracticeMaster (Again!)
Once again, Affinity Consulting Group received the coveted President's Circle designation from Tabs3/PracticeMaster for 2014. Additionally, this year Affinity took home a clean sweep of the 2013 consultant awards for Tabs3/PracticeMaster, earning PracticeMaster Consultant of the Year, Tabs3 Consultant of the Year, Platinum Consultant of the Year and overall Consultant of the Year.  We are very proud to be recognized and look forward to serving our Tabs3/PracticeMaster clients in 2014!  View the award press release on our Blog here HERE.

If you have have questions about Tabs3 billing or PracticeMaster practice management software, contact us.
Practice Management Client Care
- Watch for Details Next Month 
Affinity is in the process of launching its new Practice Management Client Care program.  It will provide ongoing support that is essential to firms using many of the leading practice management programs.  With unlimited, proactive support, our Client Care program allows you to focus on your practice, not your technology.
Review:  External Mic with Many Uses
Lawyers and law firm staff are discovering that the traditional ways of interacting with their computers, the keyboard and mouse, are not always the best ways.  Windows 8.1 offers a new touch-based interface, for example.  But voice interaction with our computers and tablets is potentially more useful. 

Unfortunately, the microphones built into notebook computers are of modest quality.  To get the most out of voice interaction with your tech devices, a good external microphone is needed.  The portable and inexpensive Snowflake from Blue Microphones is a versatile choice for lawyers with multiple devices.

Each month we will bring you quick links to a variety of newsworthy items dealing with technology products, services, and other topics of interest to lawyers as they seek to better manage their practices.