january 2016


So here we are again, the beginning of another year. A fresh start. A clean slate.  But before we find ourselves too deep in clichés, here's one final look at marlo marketing, 2015.

Reflection time over; 2016 is already in full force! Whether you're looking for ideas to up your healthy snacking game, a cozy hideaway complete with amaro on tap (what?!?), or learning about alternative health and wellness (chocolate included!), read on for what we've already got going on...less than one month in!

Happy 2016!

simply7 kale chips
Admit it: even if you don't know the Heisman trophy from a halfback, odds are you'll find yourself parked in front of a TV and a sizable spread come Super Bowl Sunday. Unless you've got the willpower of a Buddhist monk (or Tom Brady on his no nightshade, no caffeine eating plan...), you're going to need to do your best head coach impression and come up with a game plan if you don't want nachos and seven- layer dip to sideline your New Year's diet. And since there's no faster way to deflate the day's festivities than by relegating yourself to sad little celery sticks and whining about how Mr. Gisele Bundchen & co. didn't quite make the cut, we suggest showing up to the party ready to cheer on the Panthers with a bag (or two!) of Simply7's new Kale Chips in tow.
Crispy, crunchy and downright craveable, these are not the same snacks your yoga teacher Dharma made with her trusty dehydrator. Available in three different flavors -- Sea Salt, Dill Pickle and Lemon & Olive Oil -- even the pickiest football fans and epic commercial junkies (that'd be us!) are bound to find a favorite.
So when game day arrives, bust open a bag and feel free to tell celery to suck it. Oh, and when you glance at the nutrition facts, you'll have a reason to bust out your touchdown dance even though the Pats aren't playing. Don't worry, we won't tell anyone why you're really cheering!

state street provisions
When it comes to branding, it's hard to knock consistency. That said, there comes a time to shake things up: after nearly 20 years and four successful (read: multiple "Best of" neighborhood nods and consistently-packed houses) restaurants, Grafton Group has opted to think outside-of-the-Harvard-Square-box for their newest restaurant, State Street Provisions.
And while we might be biased since their new home at 255 State Street brings them closer to marlo HQ, we're psyched that the agency's oldest client has ventured over the river (no "through the woods" to speak of). Situated on Boston's bustling Long Wharf, the restaurant is all warm woods and cozy banquettes that make it perfect for whiling away a winter's afternoon. Come spring, Greenway views, a wrap-around patio and nearby harbor island ferries will make it an easy go-to.
As Grafton Group fans have come to expect, the menu touts some serious food and drink that gives a nod to the past while still remaining au courant. (Read: Yep, there is a tea-spiked cocktail that pays homage to a certain tax-inspired shindig that went down on nearby Griffin's Wharf. No, your server will not be playing a fife.)
Consider the flavorful fare, healthy list of creative cocktails, amaro on tap and dollar-oysters offered nightly after 11 PM, and one thing becomes abundantly clear: Grafton Group's journey may have taken them over the river, but their newest venture is certainly not Grandma's house.

marlo marketing health & wellness series
They say April is the cruelest month but, damn, January, you're coming in a close second! What with the loss of incredible talent like David Bowie, Glenn Frey and Alan Rickman, it's safe to say we're currently working through #allthefeels. And while we're usually health savvy enough to advise against eating your feelings, times like these call for chocolate. GOOD chocolate.
Thankfully, February is just around the corner, and with it comes the launch of the marlo marketing winter health and wellness series, kicking off with a lecture and hands-on "cooking" lesson from raw food aficionado and founder of Jo Jo's Raw Chocolates, Jody Grimm. Give Jody a mere 90 minutes of your time, and she'll drop some serious knowledge about why raw foods are a hot topic and share tips and tricks on how chocolate can and should be a part of your daily life.
Once you've gotten your fill of flavonoids (Don't know what that means? All the more reason to join us!), you'll want to earmark your calendar for the rest of the events. Running monthly from February through May, the marlo health and wellness series features a range of big names in the alternative health world who will speak on topics aimed at making 2016 your happiest, healthiest year yet. You'll leave with both a wildly expanded vocab and an arsenal of ways to restore inner balance and improve your overall health. And if you ask us, it's that sort of knowledge -- perhaps coupled with "Changes," "Take It Easy" and/or "Harry Potter" on repeat -- that's key to gracefully navigating the curve balls life can throw.

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