august 2015


As you read this issue of marlo monthly on your mobile device, ocean-kissed sand squishing between your toes, we're betting that voluntary trips indoors have become few and far between. Well folks, get ready to redefine the word 'voluntary,' as you read below about 4D movies, a health & wellness series, a new way to (legally) smoke marijuana (flight required!) and a cutting-edge approach to combating the self-confidence-busting issue of female hair loss.  Yep, we'd leave the beach behind for all of these, too! 




4D at cinema de lux revere

The summer blockbusters are rolling out like Ludacris in 2001 -- Jurassic World, Ted 2, Terminator: Genesis, Ant-Man. As if all that weren't enough, now you can stifle your laughter at Bryce Dallas Howard duking it out with ravenous dinos in dime-inch heels because you'll be experiencing all of the action right along with her.  


From inhaling the scent of mud and rotting vegetation to leg ticklers that simulate the feeling of running through the tall grass to air blowers designed to mimic a windstorm, these and other special effects are bringing movies to life in the East Coast's first-ever MX4D™ Motion EFX Theater. Just opened at Showcase Cinema de Lux Revere, the new theater offers state-of-the-art technology to enhance the on-screen action for a more exciting and realistic movie-going experience. 


Hmmm, not so sure what smells to expect while watching Star Wars: Episode VII...but we're hoping for George Lucas' sake that one of those scents

is the smell of success. As for Jurassic Park? Just remember: stilettos not included. 


marlo health & wellness series

You, my friend, are a harried, hard-working chica (or chico!) who also happens to be health-minded...when it's convenient. But honestly, who has time to meditate when you can just as easily take a Xanax to unwind? Sorry for the harsh newsflash, but popping a pill for every ill is quite simply the wrong mentality, especially when there are so many alternative therapies available to heal your body naturally. Well, it just so happens we have the early word on a complimentary series around health and wellness education, so even if you walk in with zero clue on how to distinguish between Homeopathy, IV Therapy and Reiki, you'll come away with the tools to change your life.


Inspired by our fearless leader's desire to continue to indulge her personal interest in natural wellness, we've put together a monthly series of fascinating presentations about top-trending alternative therapies, featuring leading experts in their fields. The series kicks off with our summer/fall 2015 lineup, and includes: "Yoga Beyond the Mat" (August 12); "Are Salmon, Greek Yogurt & Strawberries Making You Sick & Overweight?!" (September 21); Chinese Medicine for Dummies (October 21); and "So-Hum...So-Um, How the Hell Do I Meditate?!" (November 18).


Plus, when the classroom involves plush Chesterfield sofas, furry rugs, shiny magazine spreads and unlimited kegged kombucha (yes, we're talking about our beauteous office), learning about acupuncture won't have you wanting to stick needles in your eyes.


Click here to learn more about the series and to reserve your spot before they fill up.  Spoiler alert: September's speaker wants you to replace those Xanax with a nightly glass of red wine for health & longevity. (See, healthy living ain't that hard!)


medi tresse

Guys tend to get tons of flak for battling baldness with bad rugs and hair plugs that resemble a crop rotation on their forehead (maybe that's why Trump continues to make such asinine comments about...everything!). So it's no shocker that women experiencing hair loss are often hesitant or embarrassed to take action. File that issue under "things that are no longer the case," thanks to Medi Tresse.


Recently opened in Wellesley, Medi Tresse is the only center in New England catering exclusively to female patients addressing thinning hair and varying degrees of hair loss.  Led by powerhouse physician Dr. Mary Wendel and her merry band of female assistants, Medi Tresse offers a safe, caring setting for a variety of non-surgical treatments at varying price points (think medically-advanced Platelet Rich Plasma Treatments, Low Level Laser Therapy and topical treatments).


It's also worth noting that discretion is paramount to these ladies, meaning they won't be giving out your cell phone number at any upcoming campaign rallies. As for The Donald, we can't say the same.  


bud + breakfast
B&Bs can sometimes get a bum rap for their dated trappings (ceramic cat sculptures, anyone?), questionable bathroom situation and semi-awkward vibe of living in Mom & Dad's house again...but not if The MaryJane Group has anything to say about it. The Colorado-based canna-lifestyle hospitality company recently said hi(gh) to its latest Bud+Breakfast property, which join(t)s two other locations in the Denver area. In case you didn't catch on to our subtle hints, this spot is pot-friendly!!!

Now open in the Hotel San Ayre, the new Bud+Breakfast is a contemporary, boutique-inspired former motel in Colorado Springs within walking distance of attractions like Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs and Garden of the Gods (just in case you care to inhale some fresh mountain air with your weed of choice, natch). The comfortable, cannabis-approved lodging and amenities also include a continental Wake+Bake Breakfast, a 4:20 Happy Hour with complimentary beer, wine and hors d'oeuvres, a hot tub, fire pit, plenty of places to burn one down outdoors and a cottage-turned-smoking-lounge complete with games, large-screen TV, pool table and dining area.
Between the scenic beauty, choice herb and distinct lack of cat sculptures (the only ceramic paraphernalia around here actually serve a purpose!) there's no better way to do Rocky Mountain high. july
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coming down the pike

August 13+:        Eat More Plants Dinner Series at Journeyman

August 15:          Brew at the Zoo

August 18:          Sons of Liberty Dinner at Russell House Tavern   

August 25:          Chase Hill Farm/Harpoon at PARK          

September 23:    Sound of Our Town at The Lawn on D                 

September 26:    Kids Really Rock at The Lawn on D           

October 9-11:      Punkin Fest