Third Sunday of Lent

February 28, 2016


Below you will find a reflection for today, the Third Sunday of Lent 2016. We encourage you to share this reflection by forwarding this email to others who you think might appreciate it.

Third Sunday of Lent
by Eric LeCompte, Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace

"He said to the gardener, 'For 3 years now I have come in search of fruit on this fig tree but have found none. [So] cut it down. Why should it exhaust the soil?' He said to him in reply, 'Sir, leave it for this year also, and I shall cultivate the ground around it and fertilize it; it may bear fruit in the future.'" (Lk 13:7-9)

In today's Gospel, Jesus shares the parable of the fig tree. When the tree does not bear fruit, the owner wants to cut it down, but the gardener encourages us to care for the plant so that it will eventually bear fruit. It's a lesson in devotion, love, persistence and commitment.
   In a broken world that is craving nonviolent solutions, too often our community and world leaders choose violence over nonviolence. As noted academic Theodore Roszak states, "People try nonviolence for a week, and when it 'doesn't work' they go back to violence, which hasn't worked for centuries."
   Roszak draws out what today's gospel explores. Only through consistent dedication can we hope to see our efforts to build a nonviolent world bear fruit...

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In Christ's peace,


Johnny Zokovitch

Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA

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