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STUDY: PXI in favor of recognition of the state of Palestine, ban on settlements
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Read reflections and commentaries, see photos from the delegation to Israel-Palestine and the PXI World Assembly 


 Read "The Bethlehem Commitment", a declaration approved at the PXI World Assembly on the future of our work


 See photos from the PXI procession in Bethlehem along the Separation Wall and the Closing Mass


Read PXI UN team member Abigail Metzger's reflection on visits to two Palestinian refugee camps


Support the Holy Land Christian Ecumenical Foundation which organizes pilgrimages to the Holy Land which incorporate the experiences and voices of Palestinians

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May 29, 2015


Earlier this month, Pax Christi Metro D.C.-Baltimore co-coordinator Bob Cooke organized a Pax Christi International (PXI) delegation to travel to Israel-Palestine and participate in the PXI 70th Anniversary World Assembly as well as meet with a number of organizations working for peace and justice in that part of the world. The delegation was called "Pilgrims on the Path to Peace," taking its cue from the theme of the world assembly. 

    The delegation included 29 participants, most hailing from the U.S., and consisting of university professors, priests and women religious, staff members and representatives from partner peace organizations, parish ministers, and Pax Christi USA regional leaders, local group coordinators, and members.


PXI World Assembly participants process along the Separation Wall in the Occupied West Bank.


During the delegation, May 10-23, members took photos and wrote reflections, trying to document the experience and share the stories of the Palestinian people as well as lessons learned from Palestinian and Israeli human rights advocates, representing the Jewish, Christian and Muslim faith traditions. For more information on the delegation and the world assembly, click here to read reflections and reports and see photos.


In peace,


Johnny Zokovitch

Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA


Muslim, Jewish, Christian Prayer for Peace

from Pax Christi USA


O God, you are the source of life and peace.
Praised be your name forever.
We know that it is you who turn our minds to thoughts of peace.
Hear our prayer in this time of war.


Your power changes hearts,
Muslim, Christians and Jews remember and profoundly affirm
that they are followers of the one God,
children of Abraham, brothers and sisters.

Enemies begin to speak to one another,
those who are estranged join hands in friendship,
and nations seek the way of peace together.


Strengthen our resolve to give witness
to these truths by the way we live.


Give to us - 
Understanding that puts an end to strife
Mercy that quenches hatred, and
Forgiveness that overcomes vengeance.
Empower all people to live in your law of love.


STUDY: PXI in favor of recognition of the state of Palestine and a ban on settlements

from Pax Christi International


World Assembly in Bethlehem affirms its stand in

favor of nonviolent struggle against occupation 


The World Assembly of Pax Christi urges all UN-member states to recognize the state of Palestine and to ban Israeli settlements in occupied Palestine. The 160 participants in the Assembly of the international Catholic peace movement in Bethlehem/West Bank from 13th to 17th of May are deeply concerned about Israeli policies that deny the rights of the Palestinian people and preclude the possibility of a two state solution. Pax Christi International supports Palestinians in their nonviolent struggle to end occupation and Israelis who stand for human rights and international law, including as applied to Palestinians.

    Pax Christi International welcomes the Vatican's recognition of Palestine as a sovereign state and believes that bilateral recognition is an important acknowledgement of the right of Palestinians to self-determination. With the new Israeli government's refusal to turn 22% of the land of the former Palestine Mandate into the new state of Palestine, the UN must implement UNSC Resolution 242, by which Israel is required to withdraw from the territories occupied since 1967...


ACT:  No Way to Treat a Child campaign

Pax Christi USA is a member of the Faith Forum on Middle East Policy which sponsors a "Third Thursday Action for Israel-Palestine" each month. This month's action alert focused on the detention of Palestinian minors by Israel and asked for help in getting Members of Congress to attend a briefing on June 2 entitled, "International Juvenile Justice Reform: Children in Israeli Military Detention." 


Click here to read this entire alert and take action. 


If you are in the D.C.-area, Pax Christi USA is also promoting AFSC's three-day advocacy effort in support of the "No Way to Treat a Child" campaign, June 1-3. The kick-off event is an interfaith vigil at noon on Monday, June 1, the International Day for the Protection of the Child, in Upper Senate Park at the Capitol. A special liturgy written for Palestinian children held in Israeli military detention will be shared. 


Click here to find out more information about events happening during June 1-3 as part of the campaign.