January 13, 2015

All of us at Pax Christi USA's national office hope that the seasons of Advent and Christmas were a time of rejuvenation and recommitment for you, your family and for all with whom you work beside to bring about peace with justice.

As the new year begins, we hope you'll just take a few minutes to either renew your membership in Pax Christi USA for 2015, or, if you're not currently a member, join us in trying to bring about the peace of Christ in a world which too often experiences violence and injustice. 
Click here and see how we prayed, studied
and acted for peace with justice in 2014!
This first month of the new year is a great time to renew or join! Our power to change our world for the better is rooted in the biblical vision of peace, shalom, salaam--and whether it be people protesting in the streets or letters and emails sent to Members of Congress, numbers can and do matter. We hope you'll add your voice to the voices of thousands of others in our movement and raise a joyful noise for peace with justice in our world.


If you don't want to join or renew through our website electronically, you can click here for more information on where to send a check or even call and speak to someone in person about joining or renewing. (Please make sure to specify on your check that it is for a new membership or membership renewal.) 


If you have already renewed for 2015, you have our gratitude! As a membership organization, we rely on the support of each and every member. Thanks so much for being a part of this movement!

In Christ's peace,


Johnny Zokovitch

Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA