The Epiphany of the Lord

January 4, 2015



Below you will find a short reflection for today, Epiphany Sunday. We encourage you to share this reflection by forwarding this email to others who you think might appreciate it. This will be our last reflection for the Advent-Christmas season. We hope these reflections have made this time of year rich with meaning for you and those with whom you share them. Thanks so much for journeying with us throughout the season. 




Isaiah 60:1-6 | Ephesians 3:2-3, 5-6 | Matthew 2:1-12


By Mary Lou Kownacki, osb

Today is the feast of light.

When Robert Louis Stevenson was a little boy he lived in a house on a hillside in Scotland. Every evening he would watch the lamplighter walk through the streets in the valley below lighting each of the village street lights. "Look, Mother," he would say, "Here comes the man who punches holes in the darkness."
Epiphany celebrates the time when God punched a hole in the darkness. The story tells us that Magi in the East saw this sign of God - a bright star - and left everything to follow the Light of Salvation. The gospel tells us too that the star which the Magi saw "filled their hearts with delight.".


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In Christ's peace,

Johnny Zokovitch

Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA

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