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We are here to support your personal and community resource needs as you gather to pray, study and respond to the signs of the times in the world.  I offer these resources and links for your consideration and will be happy to assist you with your order or inquiry. 
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  • Amazingly inspiring
  • Heart-wrenching
  • Prophetic

...words used to describe

  speakers at Pax Christi USA's

 Momentum 2014 event

 in Washington, DC last night.


We gathered to pray & honor our Teacher of Peace, Mary Meg McCarthy, Executive Director of the National Immigrant Justice Center in Chicago, a Heartland Alliance Program; to hear the powerful stories of inspiration from her human rights advocacy work and then to hear the keynote presentation by a kindred spirit, Sr. Simone Campbell, SSS, Executive Director of NETWORK.


Both of these prophetic leaders called us to take the time to listen to the stories of others & to truly be open to their struggle as fellow children of God.
In addition, they asked us to act by talking to others & sharing those stories and concerns, as people of faith who are called to 
love one another.
Pax Christi materials are intended to offer prayer, study and action resources for you, as you struggle with the social justice issues of today and are called to respond as people of faith. 
I offer the following as items to consider on this journey together:
  She Who Brings Peace
On sale $7 + S/H
This book is about Women from all parts of the globe, all languages, races, religions, nations, and economic levels. 
All the religions and peoples of the world have women who, like Mary, bring Peace into the world ... in flesh and blood, in work and prayer.  Inspiring stories for us all.


Poetry book  
$10 + s/h
Including poets such as Daniel Berrigan, Barbara Kingsolver, Wendell Berry, Lucille Clifton, Martin Espada, Thich Nhat Hanh, and Alice Walker 
Poetry evokes our deepest fears, sorrows and secrets, the horrors beyond words and the humiliations and indignities that scar the soul. Yet poetry also records the celebration of joy and the beauties of life, expresses the will to survive, to triumph, and to transform both ourselves and our world.



Watch too for our forthcoming
Advent reflection booklet written by four inspiring voices of our time - Sr. Simone Campbell, Dr. Shannen Dee Williams, Ms. Adrienne Alexander and Fr. Joseph Nangle - focusing on our
Economic and Interracial Justice in the U.S. priority initiative.




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