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Pray-Study-Act: Earth Day 2014 
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PRAY: A Prayer for Easter
STUDY: Celebrating Earth Day - and worrying about Creation
ACT: Commit your local group to "Listen to Earth" this Spring

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Earth Day, April 22, 2014



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Happy Earth Day! Today is Earth Day and it comes this year bathed in the light of our Easter celebration. We remember that the resurrection of Jesus calls us into new relationships, not only with one another, but with God's creation as well. As we reflect on our Lenten journey just passed, and as we embrace our role as co-creators with God of a new heavens and a new earth, may we spend this Earth Day renewing our commitment to working for a world which is more peaceful, just and sustainable. 

  We hope that you can use this PSA e-bulletin in your observance today and in the weeks and months ahead. And also check out this article from PCUSA Teacher of Peace Joan Chittister, osb, which we're featuring on the Bread for the Journey blog for Earth Day!


In peace,


Johnny Zokovitch

Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA

PRAY: A Prayer for Easter


TODAY, dear Lord, we celebrate Your rising from the dead. We are happy with You that You have been victor over death. We look around us at the green fields, filled with new life, and are everywhere reminded of You.
    The seeds we plant seem dry and dead, but with the combined wonders of rain and sun, and the powers of the earth, they rise from their death-like sleep and grow green and beautiful in our fields. The trees, too, that stood so stark and lifeless through the winter are now bright with living green.  
      With these reminders of a resurrection all about us every day, help us remember that death is not the end of things for us, but the beginning. Help us keep in mind that we shall rise again on the last day, to live with You forever. Then there will be no weeping any more, nor any tears; no suffering, nor any pain, but joy and happiness and love with You forever. With You, then, will we celebrate the eternal Easter. It will be an everlasting spring for us, if we only realize now that there is no glory without suffering, no Easter without a Good Friday. Help us, by Your grace, to live the good lives that will merit this new life in heaven forever with You. Amen.

STUDY: Celebrating Earth Day

- and worrying about Creation

from Catholic Rural Life


April 22 is Earth Day. For us as citizens, this is a day to take stock of what we are doing to our air, water and natural resources. For us as people of faith, this is also an opportunity to celebrate the beauty and wonder of God's creation. Indeed, the whole month of April is aptly suited for celebrating our planet and all that it provides for our sustenance.

    Earth Day is not strictly a celebration, of course, because we would quickly sober to the reality of how we treat our home and what mess we may be leaving for generations to come. There's also the question of how we share the earth's resources. Pope Francis in his universal prayer intention for April put it this way: "That governments may foster the protection of creation and the just distribution of natural resources."

  By and large, Catholic Rural Life members are deeply concerned about the effects of global warming and how climate change is starting to ravage our planet. We are compelled by our conscience to take action on this deeply moral challenge, although we realize there's only so much we can do as individuals. It is really a change in our economy and culture that is needed....


Click here to read this entire article.

ACT:  Commit your local group to

"Listen to Earth" this Spring

How do we connect our responsibility to address global climate change with our work for justice and peace? What does care for creation have to do with our call to follow Christ? How can we renew community through prayer, study and action?

   "Listening to Earth: Faith and Action in a Time of Global Climate Crisis" will enable you and your group to answer these questions and more. This five-session series features diverse stories of environmental injustice and the hope that inspired grassroots solutions for change. Each session includes stories (written and optional suggested video), small and large group discussions, prayer, and suggestions for action. The stories, discussions, and life experiences of your group members will enable you to address environmental injustices in your community and to support effective responses to global climate change. This program and its resources will provide opportunities for growth in spiritual depth, knowledge, and empowerment that will deepen your contributions to your community and our world and help you to leave a healthy legacy for all God's creation.

    Make a commitment for your group to use this prayer-study-action resource this spring. Or offer it as a course at your parish. 


Click here to read more about this resource and download it today.