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Below is the e-Update for April 2014, a recap of all of the items you may have missed but which are still relevant from the past month or so. We hope you'll take a few moments today or later this week to review them and use them as you see fit. 


But before you read catch-up below, here is a short reflection from this year's Lenten reflection booklet. The reflection is by Pax Christi USA Ambassador of Peace and author Tom Cordaro:


Reflection for the Fifth Monday of Lent
by Tom Cordaro


"Here I am about to die." (Daniel 13:43)


Today's readings feature two women who fall victim to men who see them only as objects. The objectification of women continues to be a serious problem in our world today. But in war the objectification of women becomes especially deadly. As Chris Hedges points out in his book, War Is a Force that Gives Us Meaning, "When life becomes worth nothing, when one is not sure of survival, when a society is ruled by fear, there often seems only death or fleeting carnal pleasure" (p. 168). In modern warfare it is not only noncombatant women who are targets of violence; even one's fellow female soldiers become objects of violence or fleeting carnal pleasure.


What steps can you take to say "no" to the continued objectification of women?


Lenten Resources

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New e-Resources

  • MLK Day Retrospective: A collection of posts related to MLK which we featured on the Bread for the Journey blog during the lead-up to MLK Day 2014
  • Pacem in Terris at 50: A free, new downloadable process e-booklet for small group reflection and discussion featuring posts from the Bread for the Journey blog on "Pacem in Terris" during its 50th anniversary year (4 sessions)

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