Lent 2014: Pray - Study - Act
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PRAY: Prayer for calm
STUDY: Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Lent
ACT: Join Campaign Nonviolence
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Fifth Week of Lent, April 6-12, 2014
This PSA e-bulletin (Pray-Study-Act) is for next week, the fifth week of the 2014 Lenten season, April 6-12. PSAs from previous weeks, which include still relevant prayers and action items, can be found on our Lent 2014 webpage where we are archiving all of our Lenten resources. 
    Just a quick reminder: If your community does plan to do a Way of the Cross this year, please let me know and I'll add your info to the Lent page.


In peace,

Johnny Zokovitch
Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA
 PRAY: Prayer for calm
O God,
calm me into a quietness
that heals
and listens
and molds my longings
and passions,
my wounds
and wonderings
into a more holy
and human

From Ted Loder in Guerillas of Grace
Reflection for the Fifth Sunday of Lent

By Jim Dinn


 Ez 37:12-14 | Rom 8:8-11 | Jn 11:1-45


The account of the raising of Lazarus offers little interest for twentieth century non-believers. Such readers are curious about the death experience and hunger for details about what, if anything, lies beyond death. They are fascinated by stories of near-death experiences. They wonder about what Lazarus sees and remembers. They want to hear in his words how it all felt.

    The author of the fourth gospel has a different agenda. The raising from the tomb is narrated in three brief sentences with few details and no revelations from another world. The text offers no gasp of amazement from the onlookers, no cry of recognition from the sisters, no embrace of the revived brother, no word of gratitude to Jesus. From Lazarus there is not a single syllable. Scarcely a best-seller treatment....


To read the rest of this reflection, click here.

ACT: Join Campaign Nonviolence

Pax Christi USA is an endorser and partner in the Campaign Nonviolence, launched earlier this year by Pace e Bene. 

  Campaign Nonviolence is a new, long-term movement to mainstream active nonviolence -- making nonviolence an obvious and natural way of living and of fostering a world that works for all.

     How? By studying the principles and methods of nonviolence. By sharing the stories of nonviolence. By striving to live nonviolence. By building the means of nonviolence. And by taking nonviolence public: in our neighborhoods, schools, religious communities, organizations, cities, and societies.