January 7, 2014

Dear Regional & Local Group Leaders,  
Happy New Year! I hope your Advent, Christmas and the beginning of the new year have all been peaceful and inspiring. With the new year beginning, I've got a number of items that I have been asked to share with you.

1) NATIONAL COUNCIL ELECTIONS: Will you nominate someone for consideration for the National Council election ballot? Each year, the Nominations Committee of the National Council requests the names of people willing to serve on council in order to put together a ballot for the election. It's critical that they have a broad selection of people to choose from for the final slate. If you know of someone who would be right for the council and who is willing to serve, please consider nominating them. You can find the nominations form by clicking here. And if you have email lists for your members or Facebook pages, etc., please share the link to the nomination form and encourage your members to nominate someone as well. Many thanks!

2) WINTER, SPRING, SUMMER RETREATS AND CONFERENCES: If your region is hosting a retreat or conference or other big event between January and June, send me the info and I'll help to circulate it and promote the event. 

3) MEMBERSHIP RENEWALS: As the new year begins, I hope you'll just take a few minutes to renew your membership and/or your group's membership in Pax Christi USA for the year. You can click here to renew quickly and securely through our website right now. And please send out a reminder to your members asking them to renew too. Thanks so much!


4) ON THE LINE SUBMISSIONS: Feel free to send me photos, news articles, links and whatnot which feature the work that you, your group, your members or your region is doing. I'll showcase them every month in On The Line as well as use some of them for the seasonal hard-copy newsletter, The Peace Current.


5) NEED RESOURCES? If you're looking for resources for your group, head to our Local Group resources page, as well as The Pax Christi USA Store. There are a number of resources on this page (as well as in the drop-down menu under "Resources" at the top of the Pax Christi USA website), including some specifically geared toward small group discussion. I'll be adding another free small group discussion resource on Pacem in Terris, drawing from items featured on the blog over the past year, later this month (so check back).


Thanks everyone and I'll try and send out one of these communiques monthly to keep you updated!

In Christ's peace,


Johnny Zokovitch

Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA