Advent 2013: Pray - Study - Act
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PRAY: Reflection for the Second Sunday of Advent
STUDY: Remaining is what we do
ACT: On Dec. 10, join the Global Wave of Prayer to End Hunger
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Second Week of Advent, Dec. 8-14, 2013
The second week of Advent is a busy one in terms of days of observance. Monday, Dec. 9 is the Solemnity of the Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary, for which we'll be sending out a special reflection from PCUSA Teacher of Peace Fr. Ray East. Tuesday, Dec. 10 is the International Day for Human Rights (with a reflection from PCUSA Ambassador of Peace Fr. John Dear, S.J. coming) and the beginning of Caritas' campaign to end hunger (see the action item at the bottom of this email). Thursday, Dec. 12 is the Feast of the Virgin of Guadalupe (with a reflection by PCUSA Teacher of Peace Sr. Dianna Ortiz, OSU). And Friday, Dec. 13 is the National Call-in Day to Prevent Gun Violence, marking the anniversary of the tragedy in Sandy Hook last year (see the link to the left in the Quick Links section). Hopefully this confluence of issues and action and historical memory might serve to increase in us our yearning for the birth of the Prince of Peace and the peace promised to us and our world. 
   In addition to sending you reflections for these upcoming days of observance, we'll continue to post them on the website on our Advent resource page. Any time you want to recall something you read earlier or if you're looking for an idea for your family, local group, church, or school to incorporate into your practice this season, you can find it on this page.


In peace,

Johnny Zokovitch
Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA
 PRAY: Dec. 8, Second Sunday of Advent

By Mary Jo Leddy

Isaiah 11:1-10 | Romans 15:4-9 | Matthew 3:1-12

The Dawning of Desire

Although the sun rises every morning, the dawning of salvation is less certain. Such a dawning is both a gift of God and the fruit of our efforts.

A new world of justice and peace dawns first in our hearts as a desire to live beyond the darkness.



For some, this desire emerges as a parental hope for a better life for future generations. For others, this desire is the unseen ground of a determined resolve to move beyond the socially assigned roles of victim or oppressor. Then there are those who whose desire is set free as they hear a word of truth uttered in the dark deceptions of the moment....


To read the rest of this reflection from Unshakeable Belief: Advent 2013, click here. 

STUDY: Remaining is what we do

by Shelley Douglass, Pax Christi USA Teacher of Peace


We've had busy months this October and November--and they're not over yet. Besides our usual vigils, meetings, and hospitality, we've been celebrating the 20th anniversary of Mary's House, the Catholic Worker house that is the base for our various activities. Although we bought the house (with donations) in 1992, it took a whole year of work to make it ready for guests. Thus 2013 is our 20th year of hospitality.

    This year we also celebrate 80 years of the Catholic Worker itself. We are one very small cell in a large and diverse body, so it was a happy coincidence to be able to celebrate both our own beginnings and the founding of the CW movement.

    Our local celebration was a Mass at our parish church, Holy Family, with simple liturgy, good music, and many friends. We continued to celebrate at Mary's House, where we blessed our newly painted statue of Mary, and shared lots and lots of wonderful food and drink. All in all we thought it was a fine celebration.

    Now we are preparing for the ultimate event of our anniversary--our Advent retreat. This year we'll be thinking about our heritage in the CW movement, what we we've learned in 80 (or 20) years, and how to continue walking this Christian path. We'll be led in our reflections by Martha Hennessey and Robert Ellsberg, two of the best possible guides--and by a wide assortment of friends who'll join us for the retreat. 

    Between our two celebrations sit the feasts of All Saints and All Souls. I've been thinking a lot about our history, going through the albums with pictures of guests and friends of the house. Many of them have moved on to the next stage of life--Laura, who died of AIDS in her room here; Edward, who died after being hit by a car while out collecting cans; our three "celestial board members", Al Girodo, Rick Ambrose, and Dick Sweeney.  Our list could keep going...

ACT: On Dec. 10, join the Global Wave of Prayer to End Hunger

from Caritas and Network


The Caritas confederation will launch its first ever global campaign against hunger on 10th December with a recorded message from Pope Francis and a global "wave of prayer". "One Human Family, Food for All" unites Caritas organisations to work for an end to hunger by 2025. In his message Pope Francis urges institutions and individuals to take action on this.


Click here to check out the toolkit for prayer and action that Network has put together to help observe the day.


Make your commitment to prayer and action through our friends at Network by clicking here.