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Thursday, August 1, 2013



A big THANK YOU to everyone who signed on to our anti-drone ad to be published in the National Catholic Reporter!  The ad has now been finalized, with over 317 individuals and organizations signing on! It will be published as a full-page ad in the paper's August 16th edition.  The support from Pax Christi members and groups, religious communities, and others around the country has been so encouraging-we have signatories from 38 states plus D.C.!


Click here to see the ad text as it will appear in the NCR (with all the names to follow, listed by state).  


Because of the large number of signatories, we had to drop the footnotes, but we added a note inviting people to go to our website for the references and for contacts for additional information (those will be posted when the ad is published).  The ad concludes by urging readers to write their elected officials, telling them to end drone warfare now.  Whether you signed on to the ad or not, we hope you'll be part of that effort, writing your members of Congress and encouraging others you know to do the same.


Thanks for all you do to spread the Peace of Christ!

In Christ's peace,


Robert More

Pax Christi Metro D.C.-Baltimore Chairperson