May 10, 2013 - NEW!!  ~~ KIDS CREATION CARE GReen Mail 

The Pax Christi USA Global Restoration Committee would like to share this information with you, our GReen mail activists.   We invite you to pray, study and act with us across the miles recognizing that a sustainable, healthy world is a more peaceful world for all creation.





Pax Christi USA's Global Restoration Committee is initiating a new GReen mail offering to help build relationships with young, peaceful, and caring, GReen activists: 
WELCOME TO ~ Kids Creation Care


We hope to offer you the opportunity to build relationships with young people and gain insight from them on how we can all live in peace with justice on this planet we call Mother Earth.


Mother's Day seems the perfect time to launch our new outreach so here are a few suggestions to get started. 


1.  Read this GReen mail and make a plan to connect with young folks in your life. 


2.  Share the prayer below together


3.  Discuss the study portion together with your young person 


4.  Join together to begin doing some of the action ideas


by MJ Park - Pax Christi Teacher of Peace and co-founder of Little Friends for Peace


We gather to show our respect and gratitude for our Mothers and Mother Earth. 
We thank you loving God for making our Mothers and our Mother Earth 
The place where God meets with us in Holy Ground - a sacred space, the entire earth is holy.


God, thank you for giving us our mothers with all their gifts and beauty. 
Thank you for mother earth that gives us places to live, breathe and have community.
Thank you for the water, land, air, and all living things.


Today we say thank you for our Mothers and Mother Earth. 
We celebrate our Mother Earth and all of Creation. 
We love you and will care for you. 







Creation Story:  God made the earth, water, planets, and all living things.  God made the animals, the people and asks us to take care of all. 


  1. Let's look at our world and see if it is being cared for, loved and treated with respect.
  2. What are areas that are not being treated with respected?
  3. How has the earth changed since the beginning of creation?
  4. Study over the parts of creation and see what areas are hurting or not functioning well. 
  5. Do a study of :  people, land, air, animals and make a scale on a chart of 1 to 10 (ten being the highest ) how they are doing?


Make a "peace scope" out of recycled paper towel rolls , and take a peace walk and see what peace and unpeace you see in creation with your peace scope. 


Make a list of what you see (here are some examples):

cars polluting the air 
people biking 
water being wasted 
rain barrels 


Make signs around the house to remind each other to:  


Recycle , Reuse , Renew 
Love Your Mother Earth
Care for the Planet 
Care for One Another 
Turn off the Lights 
Turn off the Water

Show you care:                                                             
Care for Mom's: 
Care for Mother Earth : 
1. Treat Mom with respect 
1.  Pick up trash
2. Cooperate with Mom 
2.  Use less water when taking a shower, brushing teeth
3. Listen to Mom
3.  Start composting
4. Love your Mother - CARE 
4.  Plant a garden , a tree


Sing, listen and enjoy the song:  Big Beautiful Planet by Raffi
 - you can find it several places on YouTube - here's just one link.


Read Together: 
  1. The Bee Tree by Stephen Buchmannand Diana Cohn
  2. Wagari's Trees of Peace by Jeanette Winter
  3. Love You Forever by Robert Munsch
  4. The Earth Book by Todd Parr


In Christ's peace,


Pax Christi USA's Global Restoration/Care for Creation Committee expresses our gratitude to Mary Joan Park for sharing this youth focused perspective with us.

Fostering a reverence for all creation

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