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Pray-Study-Act: MLK Day 2013 - If not now, when?
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PRAY: May today not be another day...
STUDY: If not now, when?
ACT: Take action in honor of Dr. King

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Read Dr. King's "Letter from a Birmingham Jail" and use Ms. Springer's reflection questions at the end of her article (to the right) 


 Join in a local act of service with others on MLK Day


 Visit the King Institute's website for numerous MLK resources and links


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January 17, 2013


Today's Pray-Study-Act e-bulletin (PSA) was prepared by Pearlette Springer, former National Council Chair of Pax Christi USA, with input from members of the Pax Christi USA Anti-Racism Team. 



In the reflection that Ms. Springer wrote for the study section below, it reads: 


"Across the United States, on the third Monday of January there will be music, speeches and good deeds to celebrate the life and achievements of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Our society has changed tremendously since the days of Martin Luther King, Jr. The terminology that Dr. King used such as 'we, our, us' are not part of our everyday language. We now live in a 'me, I, mine' society, a society of self-centeredness, self-absorption and fifteen minutes of fame. We no longer live in a society that believes that our brother's problem is our problem. How do we begin to unite our splintered groups?..."


We hope that this PSA e-bulletin will help to deepen and enrich your experience of the upcoming Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday weekend and celebration. And that it will invite you to take action and witness to the legacy of Dr. King.


In peace,


Johnny Zokovitch

Director of Communications, Pax Christi USA

PRAY: May today not be another day...

May today not be another day of empty promises 

                 and unfilled dreams.

May the Creator of both heaven and earth

 give me grace, grant me courage and wisdom

 to do what is right, meaningful and sustaining.

May the people of the Creator

                 begin to unite in love, in journey and purpose to work     

                 towards a harmony only known to humankind. Amen.

STUDY: If not now, when?

By Pearlette Springer

Former National Council Chair, PCUSA


In April 1963, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote an exceedingly long letter while in a jail cell. The letter is addressed to eight Birmingham clergy members, responding to their criticism that now is not a good time for standing up for what is right and just. Forty-nine years later in April 2012, while discussing the unfair treatment from a supervisor, an African American is advised by the African American Human Resource Director to 'tone it down' because "white people don't understand African Americans."  If not now, when?...


Click here to read this entire article with questions for reflection.

ACT:  Take action in honor of Dr. King

As a group or individual, consider:

  • Volunteer for a non-profit organization that serve families at/and below poverty level (e.g. head start program, domestic violent shelter, homeless shelters, childcare assistance program, energy assistance program, soup kitchen, food pantry, etc.)
  • Adopt and walk with a family for at least a year
  • Join your local Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday celebration committee
  • If you are already a part of a group that addresses economic and racial injustices, have the entire group join the MLK committee
  • Become conscious of your own internalized oppression or internalized superiority