Whose Fault is the Violence?

By Brad Sherman

Just Be Nice?
Whether you support Donald Trump or not, you should be shocked and dismayed at republicans who are blaming the violence and disruptions at Trump events on Trump himself. This is the equivalent of saying, "If we are simply nice to people, they will like us."  This sounds more like Obama talking about terrorists.

The violence we are seeing appears to be organized which, like Benghazi,  is not the result of a spontaneous reaction due to rhetoric (whether in a speech or a video). Look at who is propagating this violence; it is the radical left who hate the positions Trump is articulating. They hate us and our values and no amount of "nice talk" will change that. The violence at Trump's rallies would be happening at Cruz rallies if he was the one leading the race instead of Trump. However, I suspect that the radical left and the establishment are more afraid of Trump than the other candidates because they perceive him as one they cannot control. If we want to blame rhetoric, what about the decades of rhetoric by the left in general? Creating tension between factions is straight from their Alinsky playbook.

Very Disappointed
We Christians need to be careful lest we start to sound and act like the left. I have been very disappointed by the rejection and nasty attitudes I have endured from some who are brothers and sisters in Christ simply because:
  • the candidate I supported, who is now out of the race, said something that "sounded" supportive of Trump; or
  • I pointed out the error and the weirdness of Glenn Beck saying that the Constitution is Holy Scripture and Ted Cruz will get us through the rapture.
I expect I will be disparaged for even writing this because, to some, it will sound favorable to Trump who is not their favorite candidate. It is sad that I have to brace myself for retaliation and rejection by my Christian brothers and sisters for expressing an opinion that differs from theirs.

Here Is The Point
Yes we are passionate about our politics because it is so important. But here are some things we should keep in mind lest that passion lead us wrongly:
  • Keep God, the Bible, and Christian values in first place;
  • Remember that no politician is our savior;
  • Acknowledge that none of us know for sure what God is up to, who He will use, and how He will deal with the nation;
  • Keep in mind that, as Jefferson said, the true correction for the abuses of the Constitution is to educate the people; and
  • Remember that the ultimate political solution is the Kingdom of God which will be established when the King of Kings returns, and our works in this age should help prepare the way for that to happen.
Help others learn where freedom comes from.