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Patrick Henry
When Politics Become Religion   

"It cannot be emphasized too strongly or too often that this great nation was founded not by religionists but by Christians -not on religions but on the Gospel of Jesus Christ."

This quote is often attributed to Patrick Henry. But to the best of my knowledge, it is a comment made about a quote from Patrick Henry by a writer in a publication called The Virginian in 1817 which was reprinted in The American Mercury, Vol. II, No. 3,  in April, 1956. However, based on what I have read of Patrick Henry, he would have agreed. Regardless of who said it, the content of the quote is the springboard for this Libation.
Religion is a very different thing than Christianity. Even "Christians," with songs about Jesus on their lips, can move away from true religion and become religionists if they are not careful. A friend of mine, Michael Turner, while preaching at my church recently, described this in a unique way when he talked about those who worship Jesus the "brand" instead of Jesus the person.

To stay on track, especially when taking Christian values to the public square, we must make sure that certain foundational principles are never compromised. These would include things like the deity of Jesus, the Bible as the only holy scripture, the resurrection, etc.

Recently, a nationally known radio and TV commentator, while introducing his "chosen" candidate, passionately stated that the Constitution was inspired by God and is holy scripture. He went on to say that the candidate he is supporting would get us to the rapture!  I can't judge the intentions of a person's heart, but there are all kinds of problems with his statements. On the surface this looks and smells very bad. It appears that politics has become this man's religion, the Constitution has become his bible, and his favorite candidate has become his messiah.

I am a strong supporter of the Constitution, and I firmly believe God led the founders as this nation was established. I also hope we can elect leaders who continue to rely on God. But as much as I believe and work for these things, The Constitution is not Holy Scripture. And when it comes to getting us to the rapture - well - only Jesus will do that and only Jesus really knows what it will look like.

God help us if politics becomes our religion!

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-Pastor Brad Sherman