Libation # 212
Noah Webster
A Matter of Infinite Consequence  
"I consider it a matter of infinite consequence the cautious admission of foreigners to the rights of citizenship."
Quoted from the article by Rosalie J. Slater, M.A , in the preface of the Webster's 1828 Dictionary, Facsimile Edition, published by the Foundation for American Education. 
Noah Webster jealously defended republicanism and took issue with those who referred to our government as a democracy; he considered them "opposers of our government."  Webster noted that one of the methods used by these "opposers" was to recruit immigrants at the moment of their landing to their "democratic" views. How similar today. It is primarily those who embrace democracy over republicanism that are the loudest voices in favor of illegal immigration and amnesty.  

One of the troublesome results of our broken immigration policy today is the creation of whole communities and subcultures in the United States who do not think of themselves as Americans, but as extensions of their mother nation. Not only must our borders be controlled and illegal immigration halted, but when we do grant citizenship, there should be a stringent education administered designed to assimilate immigrants into America. And that same curriculum should be used to educate our own children as well. As Webster said, "This is a matter of infinite consequence." That consequence is the survival of liberty in our nation.

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