Libation #209
Frogs & Lice
John Calvin

"If princes demand that we turn from honor of God, if they force us into idolatry and superstitions, then they have no more authority over us than frogs and lice do."      
                        - John Calvin, A Pilgrim's Life, p 247


John Calvin was a European theologian and reformer who planted seeds of liberty that would eventually bear fruit in America.

History is amazing! It is the benchmark from which we survey the future. John Calvin's words from the 16th century provide timely advice for us in the 21st.  


When princes (in our case, government leaders), demand that Christian business owners participate in homosexual marriage against their convictions, it is a demand to turn from honoring God. When children in government schools are taught unproven theories like evolution and global warming, it is worse than promoting myths and superstitions, they are being indoctrinated to carry out a political agenda. In making such demands, government declares that the state is god and attempts to make idolaters of its citizens. Should such leaders have authority over you? Not according to John Calvin - AND - official United States government documents.   


The Declaration of Independence is clear, rights come from God, not government, and the purpose of government is to protect the rights that God gives. The Declaration also tells us that when government becomes destructive to this end, it needs to be altered or abolished. It is not only our right, but our Christian and civic duty, to disobey government that has become illegitimate, but also to restore it to a state that seems most likely to effect our safety and happiness.


For the time being, we have the means to alter it through free elections and freedom of speech. If we fail to use these freedoms, we may not have them for long. Therefore, let us take action while putting our full trust and hope in God, not man...

Do not trust in princes, In mortal man, in whom there is no salvation.


Psalm 146:3 (NASB)               

He it is who reduces rulers to nothing, Who makes the judges of the earth meaningless.


Isaiah 40:23 (NASB)               

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