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John Quincy Adams
"The highest glory of the America Revolution was this: it connected in one indissoluble bond, the principles of civil government and Christianity."
This common quote is actually a paraphrase of Adams' comments at an 1837 Fourth of July address in Newburyport, Massachusetts, by John Wingate Thorton.
Libation #200:
Lock & Load

Adams and most all of the founders saw Christianity as, not only the foundation of our nation, but also as being critical to the proper operation of civil government. Yet this glorious principle of connecting Christianity to civil government is being attacked on every side and we have been losing the battle. To see it restored will indeed require another revolution of sorts. In 1776 they had no representation and were thus forced into armed conflict. Today however, we still have the option of using ballots instead of bullets.

Would you rather pull the trigger of a gun or the lever of a voting machine?  I think the latter. Therefore we must see to it that those voting machines are loaded with the proper ammunition: candidates who are committed to and aimed at restoring the high glory of which Adams spoke. The work and toil of our revolution is now, not on a future election day. Let's get informed and get to work. Our freedoms depend upon it.

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