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October 2013 
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Coast Guard Appreciation Dinner Seeking Donations
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Economic Development Report
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Five questions to ask before designing a business website
Living Well Alaska
Downtown Trick-or-Treat
Eyecare Excellence Patient Appreciation
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Important Dates to Remember

Kodiak Chamber of Commerce Board Meeting

October 21st
12:00 pm

Coast Guard Appreciation Dinner "We Applaud You"

October 19th
6:00 pm

Business After Hours

First Nation Bank
October 25th

Rural Determination Criteria

Deadline: November 1, 2013

Business After Hours

Wells Fargo 
November 22nd 

Chamber Board

Board Officers
President Greg Deal- Wells Fargo
Vice President Rick Vahl- AK Waste
Secretary/Treasurer Darlene Williamson- Alaska 1 Realty
Past President Lindsay Knight- Kodiak Athletic Club

Board Members 
Cheryl Blondin- Credit Union 1 
Julie Bonney- Alaska Ground Fish 
Bob Brodie- Associated Island Brokers  
Bub Cassidy- Borough Manager 
Aimee Kniaziowski- City Manager 
Rick Kniaziowski- Horizon Lines 
Charlie Powers-Parks & Rec. 
Tyler Randolph- State Farm 
Chastity Starrett-Discover Kodiak 
Darron Scott- Kodiak Electric Association 
Capt. Melissa Rivera- USCG Air Station 
Capt. Jerald Woloszynski - USCG Base Support Unit  
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Message from the President

Chamber Member,


     Fall is here and many events in our community are coming up. We hope to see our Chamber members participating in the upcoming activities.


Thank You to the Chamber staff, and KMXT, and the candidates for an excellent Candidate Forum. As a Chamber, we are here to provide our members with as much information as possible so that you can vote intelligently at the polls. I hope you all voted on Oct. 1st.


     Also, the Coast Guard Appreciation Dinner is on Oct. 19th at 6:00 pm. A popular part of the evening, are the door prizes, which are donated by your business and only Coast Guard attendees will receive the door prize donations. Making a donation is a great way to show your appreciation for the Coast Guard as well as having your business recognized at the event. If you are interested in donating a door prize, please call the Chamber.


     Halloween is almost here and the Chamber and Sutliffs, are hosting Trick-or-Treat in Downtown Kodiak on Thursday October 31st from 3:30-5:30pm. We hope to see your business participating, and getting into the Halloween spirit let's make this a fun event for the kids of Kodiak.


     Congratulations to NAPA for a successful move to their new location. NAPA will host a Re-Grand Opening Ceremony on October 31st. Stop by and see the new location, and register for door prizes, enjoy some refreshments and do a little trick or treating.


     Your Chamber of Commerce would like to thank you for your continued support. Be sure to participate, communicate, and make the most of your membership.




Greg Deal





The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce is looking for several representatives to sit on the Comfish Planning Committee. The committee has been dormant for a number of years and the board wishes to rejuvenate the committee. The committee will meet a couple times between now and mid-April to go over plans for the event. If you are interested in serving please contact Trevor at the Chamber.

Coast Guard Appreciation Event

Business After Hours

First National Bank
Friday, October 25th
Refreshments, Door Prizes, and Split-the-Pot
Economic Development Report
By Rebecca Skinner

Housing in Kodiak


The Kodiak Chamber of Commerce conducted an Economic Development and Housing Survey at the beginning of 2013, surveying members of the Kodiak community.  Over 185 individuals responded to the survey, and survey results identified housing as an issue and potential barrier to economic development in Kodiak.  Full survey results are available on the Kodiak Chamber of Commerce website at


Following the survey the Chamber created a cross-functional group comprising government, non-profits and private industry stakeholders to share ideas and facilitate information sharing focused on housing needs in Kodiak.  This group held its third meeting in September, 2013, and highlights from the meeting include:


USCG New Housing Construction : In November 2013 the USCG plans to issue an RFP for construction of up to 20 new housing units within the USCG base fence perimeter, anticipating breaking ground on construction in the spring 2014.Currently the USCG has 406 government housing units, and 20 additional units would represent a 5% increase in capacity.  Note, the Housing meeting was held prior to lapse in federal appropriations, which could impact RFP issuance timing


Swampy  Acres Development:
Natives of Kodiak, Inc., continues to explore development in the Swampy Acres area (see map inset at right, courtesy of Kodiak Island Borough) for a mixed-use project, incorporating retail and residential uses within a planned community.


Military Facility Zone.  Recently enacted Alaskan legislation would open doors to additional funding for projects within an approved Military Facility Zone (MFZ).  Eligible projects are those where industrial or economic development would improve a base's ability to fulfill its mission, and an MFZ designation would allow the City or Borough to access federal, state, local, or private funding sources, credit, or guarantee programs for approved projects within the MFZ, according to Alaska Business Monthly.  Military Facility Zones are authorized under HB 316, which took effect July 1, 2012 (see HB 316 at necessary to implement the law are still being developed by the Alaska Department of Military & Veterans Affairs.  (see
Alaska Business Monthly: 
Federal Subsistence and Kodiak Rural Determination

Over 70 people attended the Federal Subsistence Board public comment hearing on September 24th at the Kodiak Best Western to give input on the Rural Determination Criteria and Process.  Subsistence harvest of fish and wild game continues to be an important element of Kodiak's economy and way of life, as reflected in testimony during the hearing.  Many comments emphasized the remote nature of Kodiak, the high cost of living and residents' dependence on subsistence foods. 

Only residents from communities deemed "Rural" under the Federal Subsistence Board's determination process can engage in federal subsistence on federal lands and waters throughout the State of Alaska.  (see map at left for federal lands and waters in the Kodiak region).  The Federal Subsistence Board is the decision-making body that oversees the Federal Subsistence Management Program, and is soliciting public comment on the set of criteria it will apply to determine whether a community meets its definition of "rural," as well as the overall review process.  Not all species are covered by the Federal Subsistence Program in Kodiak; covered species include salmon and deer, while halibut, seals, otters and migratory birds fall under separate federal regulatory programs.

The Federal Subsistence Board comprises regional directors of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, Bureau of Indian Affairs, the U.S. Forest Service.  The Secretaries of the Interior and Agriculture appoint three additional public members, two represent rural subsistence users and one serves as the Federal Subsistence Board chairman.  See following link for complete list of board members:


Submit comment to the

Federal Subsistence Board on


Rural Determination Criteria


Deadline November 1, 2013


Submit comments online:!submitComment;D=FS_FRDOC_0001-1530 


The State of Alaska also allows any Alaskan resident to harvest wild subsistence resources, outside of Non Subsistence Use areas.  The entire area of Kodiak Island is currently designated as a subsistence use area under state guidelines, allowing Kodiak residents ready access to wild fish and game for subsistence purposes.  This year a proposal was submitted to the Alaska Joint Board of Fisheries and Game to change Kodiak to a Non Subsistence Use area, and this proposal will be reviewed at the Joint Board's upcoming meeting October 12-15, 2013, in Anchorage.

New Business Spotlight

Smith Properties

Smith Properties is owned by Lucas Smith.  Smith Properties has been in business since 2010 and is located on 1815 Mill Bay Road.  Smith properties has short term and long term rental properties that are also furnished.

Smith Properties have several properties, including a custom ocean front 4 bedroom home, and lake front 3 bedroom lodge like a home on Lilly Lake, filled with full mounted brown bear, mountain goat
and more; perfect for the outdoor enthusiast.

Contact Smith Properties at 907-539-2746 or email at

Kodiak Community Health Fair 

Five questions to ask before designing a business website

Magpie Publishing & Production

By: Maggie Wall

                Whether you're considering your first business website or plan to re-do the one you currently have, these few questions will make the process easier and make your website better.


1)       Why are you building this website? 

a.       Do you just want the minimal on-line presence so people can find you with their cell phones (kind of like the old Yellow Page ads)?

b.      Do you plan to sell directly from the site?

c.       Will you primarily provide useful information as opposed to sell a product?

2)      Who is your target audience?

a.       Young, old, local, off-island, male, female, bargain hunters or looking for luxury items?

b.      Someone who is familiar with your business or are you reaching out to new customers?

3)      What do you want to have on your site?

a.       Make a list of the pages you want to include and what you'll have on each. For instance, you'll want an "About Us" page. So what are you going to say, will you have a photo or a logo?

b.      For each page you plan, make a list of ideas and materials that could be included.


4)      Will your site be actively updated or a static site?

a.       A static site is one where you set it up and then leave it alone, as opposed to a site where you make regular updates and changes.

b.      If you plan to make changes or have a blog, who will be responsible for the new information and making the posts?


5)      Do you have a preference for colors or styles? Is there something that is totally NOT you?

a.       Look at other business websites

b.      Google something along the lines of "best websites designs for XXXXX businesses" and see what you can learn and the ideas you can come up with after looking at other sites.


Now you have a better idea of what you want in a website for your business. Be sure to take notes so you don't forget a good idea. Your notes will also guide you as you develop your site.


And don't forget to keep asking questions as that's one of the best ways to learn new things.


    Maggie Wall has a master's degree in Internet Marketing. Her business Magpie Publishing & Production ( designs websites and coaches people how to get their business online and to attract online customers (487-4040). She also produces The LegHead Report located at


Living Well Alaska



 If you have had a comprehensive eye exam since November 1st of last year at Eyecare Excellence, or will have one by November 1st of this year, you will automatically have a chance to win $500.00 gift certificate towards any purchase in our office.  It's not to late to get in on this fantastic giveaway.  Simply call and schedule an appointment before November 1st.

Just our special way of saying "Thank you" to our patients from Eyecare Excellence.


John T. Shank, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Wesley Lewis, O.D., MS

Thank You to New and Renewing Members

New Members

Stephen Wood 

Renewing Members

Mike Murray
Tomino Demura 
Rick Kiaziowski
Rolan Ruoss & Jo Murphy  
Curtis Law  
Bernie Stallard 
Susannah Damiano   
Paula Laird  
Salvation Army    
Capt. Bates  
E. Kim Davidson
Verlin Pherson
Lisa & Jim Poulos
Heather Cavanaugh
Alma Canete-Hall
Dr. Jeremiah Myers
Nick Szabo
Eloise Lenhert


Board Meeting Minutes
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